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Taking care of yourself like a champion

Take a Stand

Take a StandA few years ago, I lost a friend.

This friend thought that I had done something to them, that I had not done.

No matter how I tried to reach out to heal the gap, they were not responsive.

I realized something at that time. It didn’t matter what they thought or how they acted towards me. EVERY SINGLE time I said something about them to others, it was positive – even though they were publicly nasty about me. EVERY TIME I saw them in passing, I was cordial, polite, and held the love in my heart that I truly have for them.

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Tonight, I ran into this person by accident, in a social situation that neither one of us could avoid. I held my love in my heart for them. And, after awhile, they came over and started talking with me. Asking about things that are important to me.

It seems small, but the healing has clearly begun. My other friend who was with me said, “Wow! I’m sorry you had to run into them. That must have been awful.”

“It was the opposite!”, I responded. “Today was the first step to the healing I have been wanting for years. It has begun!”

I am so grateful that I waited and did not engage in hurtful gossip or shunning or silly games.

When you take a stand for something, the stars MUST align. When you take a stand and stay true to what you want, ignoring everything contrary to your desire, it WILL come around.

It Will!

Love your stand UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

HELP! How do YOU manage business travel?

I just got back to my office from a week of business travel.

Some of the meetings I had were VERY worth it – but there was a lot of “wasted” time.

In all of the years of selling, I have never figured out how to keep all of the balls in the air. Getting home, I am a teensy bit overwhelmed.

So, I want to hear. How do YOU keep the routines moving and catch up when you are back?

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Please, go to and log your advice.

Love the challenges UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Let’s cut to the C**P, shall we? You wanna be #1?

OK, I very rarely invite untoward language…

But, here it is…

On a call with Gary Hart today ( I spoke with a man who has BEEN selling his whole life.

(HINT: you may be listening to sales “experts”, but check it out – Have they sold ANYTHING beyond themselves?)


Yes! You haven’t been listening to people who have DONE sales, you have been listening to people who have “studied” sales. You have been listening for people who need YOU to succeed, so that THEY can succeed.

That is why it doesn’t work. NOT FOR YOU.

At any rate, I was talking with Gary (and we can arrange a joint conversation, if you have the courage to ask)…and we boiled it down. If you want to be a top salesperson there are two things to do: (AGAIN, I post the opportunity…IF YOU WANT TO BE A TOP SALESPERSON … ASK US FOR A N INTERVIEW (free, sad thing is, you won’t.)

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Back to the topic, if you want to be a top salesperson:

1) Decide that you will be a top salesperson (and do whatever it takes to get there)

2) Have the confidence to do it

That’s pretty much it.

Sorry to disappoint you. It’s not complicated.

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Relying on ME!

My New Year’s Resolution for 2013:

For an ENTIRE QUARTER, I will NOT hire any coaches. I will not pay for a seminar. I will not  purchase a “how-to” guide.


As many of you know, I am a FIRM believer in coaching and education. I spend 10% of my income on educational materials. Some resources I buy are to learn more about business, some are specific to sales, some are personal development.

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I know I have grown as a person and a professional because of my willingness to invest! Yet, sometimes I’m left wondering…maybe I rely too much on others’ advice and I don’t spend the time to research for myself, or dig deep and do the thinking, or (most of all)…


So, this quarter. I’m giving myself the chance to shine. To show what I’ve got. To bring ME to the table. See what I’ve got. Find things on my own. Do my own reading, my own researching, using my FREE resources.

I’ll bet my future investments pay off even more after

Relying on ME!
Relying on ME!

this hiatus because I will have a new-found confidence in my ability to create the advice I need from listening to my heart.


Do you rely on the advice of others too heavily? Do you use resources to build your effectiveness OR to prop up your insecurities? Is it time to take a break? Is it time to invest more? Only you can ever really know.

Love your SELF UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

If you marry for money, you earn every penny!

Marrying for money?
If you marry for money, you earn every penny.

In college, my girlfriends and I loved the mantra…If you marry for money, you earn every penny!

Same goes for selling something you do not believe in…just to earn a check.

Do you KNOW you are doing the best for your clients? Can you speak passionately about your products and services and be the poster child for your wares?

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If not, the check you are earning is far too low … and the price you are paying is FAR TOO HIGH to continue.

I’m just sayin’

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


So many times it happens, we live our life in chains…

and never even knew we held the key.


I was working with my business partner the other day, working on our strategy and business planning. A break from the selling to get more focused on the bigger future.

We started to explore some of the “low-hanging” fruit for ways to generate revenue. Things we could start marketing NOW and building a larger income base.

And then it struck me! These were all good ideas. And they could be sold. BUT, I WOULD HATE DOING THEM. Besides, they don’t give us any leverage to scale. They would only be a way to make a little more money in the short term, and they would lock us into commitments and marketing development and product development for at least the next nine months.

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Something in the back of my head yelled STOP! (Thank goodness!)

It is OK to demand of my created business that it be fun and that I enjoy doing what we’re doing. I can always get a job that demands me to do stuff I don’t like. Why would I dare bring that into my own creation?

And then I saw, if I am patient and I keep doing the things I love, the money WILL take care of itself. I don’t need to worry about that right now. (Fortunately, I don’t need to worry about that now).

The point is – I realized how quickly I build prisons for myself when I am pursuing the the things I love. I approach my beloved projects with conversations from THE PAST which is exactly where I am moving away FROM!

Today, I will have the courage to envision my ideal future and keep trusting that it is mine to claim!

Hand me those keys, will you?

What am I doing anyway?

I woke up yesterday morning feeling a bit bemused. Can I stay in bed just a little longer? What would it hurt?

What SHOULD I be doing?
And, then, it struck me! I am living with far too many SHOULDS in my day. Nothing is pulling me out of bed – no voice saying “let’s do this today” “let’s take a chance” “let’s GO FOR IT”.

Huh! I wonder where that voice went? As I canoodled with this question, it started to become clear. So many things I do in my life are “in order to get somewhere else”…well, maybe not quite that. More like “in order to have my life NOT suck” just keep the wheels in motion to not backslide, to prevent chaos and dismay.

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Then, I thought, well….what IF I sat down and thought about what I would LOVE my life to look like in a year, three years, five years. I started to canoodle on this, too. Little alarms started going off in my head. “Danger! Danger! Danger!” I found out that I don’t know WHAT I want my life to look like in five years. Or even tomorrow.

This is the pitfall of living a life I always imagined. I have the great job that I do pretty well. I have the love of my life. I have a beautiful home. I have amazing friends. I have three wonderful dogs.

So, why do I feel so “blah”?
Well, I think the reason I feel so “blah” is that my life is just far too much about me. My eye is far too much on my stuff.

Do I have everything handled? Is my home in perfect shape? Am I financially free? Am I in optimum health? Is my business even remotely where I want it to be? Absolutely not! But getting by seems to be suiting me just fine.

What is going to fire me up? It is not going to be a new car…that’s just not enough. It is not going to be more money…I would LOVE more money, but it’s not enough to get out of the lovely cocoon of my warm and happy bed.

Is there life beyond FEAR?
In the past, what always got me out of bed was ABJECT FEAR. Fear that I was going to lose my job if I didn’t perform. Fear that I wouldn’t be able to pay the bills. Fear that I would look bad if I didn’t show up on time. Fear that I would fail a presentation if I wasn’t prepared. Surviving.

Now, I am faced with the challenge of living a truly invented life. Designed for no other reason than that I say it is important. I have to look inside and outside to see … what am I here for?

I have gotten so good at performing for others on their agenda. Do I have enough character to strike out on my own and claim a created life. Do I have what it takes to LIVE LIFE?

Learning a new skill
It is time to learn a new skill. And, what is that new skill? The one I have no facility with?

I don’t know how to have FUN. I take everything far too seriously. No wonder I want to keep the status quo and do the bare minimum. No wonder it all looks like drudgery. I KNOW how to do that! I know how to be stressed out. I know how to “pull it off”.

I don’t know how to be free! In love with life! Kick-up-my-heels delighted!

Frankly, I am not sure even where to start. What if I start having fun and everything else falls apart? (Can you hear the survival kicking in?)

Today I declare that I am learning the new skill of HAVING FUN. That is worth going for. That will be the voice that whispers in my ear and gets me out of bed in the early morning hours to go dance in the dew of the new day. It is my new mission.

Any suggestions on where to start? Are you good at having fun and living a full, abundant life where it all works? I want to hear from you. I want to interview you. I want to learn.

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

The pursuit of happiness…are we getting closer?

I had dinner with a GREAT friend of mine tonight. A few years back this wonderful friend abandoned the Corporate World for her bright, shiny future as a business owner. She has created some amazing stuff. And it is just getting better.

She looked me straight in the face and said, “I have never worked harder, made less money, or been any happier!”

This experience of hard work and being broke while being HAPPY has put her on an interesting quest. She is becoming an expert in HAPPINESS.

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Know what she discovered? FORTY-SEVEN percent of people are unhappy in their work. (This figure should scare the daylights out of Human Resources and CEOs.  WAKE UP CALL: nearly ONE out of every TWO workers is unhappy – which has a direct impact on your bottom line. You might want to connect with my friend and get some advice.)

Know what else she discovered? A lot of the reason people are unhappy is because they have less and less HUMAN interaction. She says, “People sit in cubicles and have no idea who is on the other side of the wall. They check on their Facebook and think they have caught up with their friends – instead of sitting across from them and seeing more than a sound byte of how it really is…hell…just picking up the phone to hear their voice and what is happening right now!”

And it is making them UNHAPPY.

Want to get happy? Do like AT&T used to tell you to do. Reach out and touch someone.

We were joined by another fantastic girlfriend tonight. The last time we had all gotten together was over three years ago. But, it worked! We had a great night. We were in person. And, tonight, I am very happy!

I wish you the same.

Love your peeps UP (in person)!

The Irreverent Sales Girl 

BEWARE the laurel resting…

I’ve been having a pretty great Summer and Fall. Closing business like crazy at work, making all sorts of great connections with incredible people. Getting very cool opportunities for work and play.

I’ll say it straight. I’ve been feeling pretty great about myself.

So much so, that I had the brilliance of giving someone my opinion about them recently (an opinion that is nowhere grounded in any sort of fact). Somehow, I’d got myself thinking that I can say any old thing I please and everyone is just going to eat it up.

(Think :BIG SHOT by Billy Joel – you can hum it in the background as you read this post).

Well, I got the wake up call today. Not only did this person not appreciate my opinion (the one based in ABSOLUTELY no fact – mind you) but neither did her best friends – who happen to be in my business AND personal world.

Fortunately, these friends have had the generosity to share with me the damage I have done. I was so full of myself, I didn’t even notice.

Now, I get to go about the business of cleaning it up with everybody…looking around and seeing where I’ve left all the loose ends untied – (“Why should I have to take care of THOSE things when I’m clearly so awesome?”)

I have to learn that if I AM going to be more successful than I’ve ever been before, I’d better develop a much larger character than I have displayed lately.

Fingers crossed that I will be able to restore my friendships first. I may never be able to restore the professional relationships after this incident.

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If there is anything I can offer from this horrible mistake I made, it is to share it with you. If I want to go big places, I  have to be bigger than I’ve been before. No use “beating myself up” (that’s just MORE of being irresponsible), But there are consequences and I will deal with them – they are MINE – I have earned them after all. And I will clean up what I can and learn and grow and even be grateful that the Universe keeps making sure that I become who I REALLY want to be – not some “shiny” replica with a hollow core.

Love the lessons UP (even when they suck)!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

I am so spoiled right now!

I have just spent the most amazing weekend with 20 incredible people in the Smoky Mountains – participating in an amazing program called Elevations.

I have been spoiled rotten. Every detail was attended to. From food to lodging to personal gifts that made ME feel KNOWN and SPECIAL.

The whole program has been fantastic. Intelligent exercises to think newly about my goals and aspirations. .Plenty of time to practice living outside of my comfort zone – and watch other people do the same. Expanding my horizons and taking everything I’m doing to the next level.

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Most of my life is about taking care of my clients or getting people things they need from me to become a client. I am ON CALL for others. I loved having something for ME. I loved being taken care of and challenged and reflecting and taking personal risks.

It reminds me…if I am up to big stuff and I want to accomplish things I have never accomplished…I MUST continue to learn and practice and STEP AWAY from the laptop. Time for me. Time to learn new things (always room for that).

Look for pictures, on their way. We had a blast!

How will YOU feed your ambitions this year?

Love your success UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl