The Irreverent Sales Girl
“A saucy skeptic of safe sales standards”


What she is: impertinent, impudent, bold, cheeky, flippant, saucy (she will get your sales people into a new, vibrant mode of behavior—enthusiastic, willing to hear, willing to change)

What she is not: deferential, worshipful, groveling, awed, humble (she will get your sales people out of these modes!)

What she is NEVER: mocking, derisive, rude, blasphemous, profane (nobody wants that—count on her to never violate your trust or your standards)


The Irreverent Sales Girl and her team provide a transformational sales message to your sales and business development personnel in highly entertaining and interactive formats.  She provides  the rock star bookends and outtakes of your sales meeting. The opening. The keynote. The entertainment. The capstone. With her band and videographers, The Irreverent Sales Girl will fire up your sales team, insert herself into key activities throughout your event, join in all your festivities, and provide an awesome, irreverent capstone performance. She and the band and videographers are available throughout your event to fire up your sales people, motivate them, tell them how much they matter, and recognize their outstanding performance.


The Irreverent Sales Girl performs and interacts with your guests in many occasions and venues:

  • The Annual Sales Meeting
  • Recognition Events
  • Recognition Cruises
  • Golf Outings and other entertainment outings
  • Philanthropic events
  • Customer recognition events

Who hires The Irreverent Sales Girl?

She is the darling of owners,  event planners,  sales managers and executive teams who want to inspire, recognize, and reward their revenue-generating employees and their most important customers.

People who hire her want to:

  • Retain their key sales people
  • Regenerate their sales performance
  • Recognize key performers
  • Inspire their sales force
  • Be cool employers
  • Have fun with their team
  • Let everyone know how much they matter


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