Take a Stand

Take a StandA few years ago, I lost a friend.

This friend thought that I had done something to them, that I had not done.

No matter how I tried to reach out to heal the gap, they were not responsive.

I realized something at that time. It didn’t matter what they thought or how they acted towards me. EVERY SINGLE time I said something about them to others, it was positive – even though they were publicly nasty about me. EVERY TIME I saw them in passing, I was cordial, polite, and held the love in my heart that I truly have for them.

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Tonight, I ran into this person by accident, in a social situation that neither one of us could avoid. I held my love in my heart for them. And, after awhile, they came over and started talking with me. Asking about things that are important to me.

It seems small, but the healing has clearly begun. My other friend who was with me said, “Wow! I’m sorry you had to run into them. That must have been awful.”

“It was the opposite!”, I responded. “Today was the first step to the healing I have been wanting for years. It has begun!”

I am so grateful that I waited and did not engage in hurtful gossip or shunning or silly games.

When you take a stand for something, the stars MUST align. When you take a stand and stay true to what you want, ignoring everything contrary to your desire, it WILL come around.

It Will!

Love your stand UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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