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I’m drowning!!! Top 5 Tips for Overwhelm!

Ever just get OVERWHELMED???I'm drowning!!! Top 5 Tips for Overwhelm

I am!

I just got back from an awesome-sauce conference and I’m headed to Dreamforce next week.

What’s a girl to do?

With email backlogging and laundry spilling over and thank you notes to write and expense reports to submit and deals closing and prospects calling and presentations to make … and the dogs are DYING for a walk! THEN to get ready for the next week!

Welcome to an OUTRAGEOUS life! 

Yep! If you are having the overwhelms, it simply means you are living an OUTRAGEOUS life! You are up-to-stuff!

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Here are my TOP 5 tips for having it all work (notice I didn’t say – having it all handled!)

Number One: WRITE it all down! 

YES. Take a minute and dump your brain into a messy to-do list. Everything you can think of that needs to be handled. This will only take a short time (I promise).

Number Two: COMMUNICATE before, during, and after!

Chances are you could’ve predicted that you were going to be somewhat submerged for a bit of time. Right?

Chances are that people expect you to be available to them if you are up to big things and have loads of responsibilities. Right?

(BTW, I am TERRIBLE at this one!)

So, BEFORE you go away to that conference or on vacation or into a maelstrom of a meeting-packed week, TELL people. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your co-workers. Tell your clients. Tell your prospects.

DURING the time you are away, set ALL of your email accounts (personal and professional) with OUT OF OFFICE settings. Let people know what they can expect and the best way to reach you if it is ASAP or SOS! (I give people my “text me” information.)

AFTER you get back, look at who needs attention (review your checklist) and write a quick note letting people know when you can respond (make sure you put it in your calendar to respond at that time).

Number Three: CANCEL and RESCHEDULE and JUST PLAIN CROSS OFF things that are not a priority.

Do a quick review of your messy to-do list and quickly take stock of the things  you MUST do right away to keep your momentum.

Everything else is not CRITICAL (NO it is NOT all critical) – cancel it, reschedule it, or toss it out.

Number Four: ASK FOR HELP! 

Chances are that someone else in your life has a little more space than you do right now. Ask them to help out. Be sure you are available to do the same for others when you can.

Number Five: BREATHE and then FOCUS! 

I like to keep reminding myself to FOCUS on what I am NOW DOING. We believe we can multi-task. But, we can’t. And pretending that we can puts us in HOT WATER.

If you have it all written down, it will not be lost. Focus on the task at hand. Cross it off when it is finished. Move to the next item.

Soon, the waves will subside and you will have some time to re-group. The few minutes you take in steps Number One – Four will give you HOURS of extra productivity and TONS of peace of mind.

And don’t forget to…


The Irreverent Sales Girl

HELP! How do YOU manage business travel?

I just got back to my office from a week of business travel.

Some of the meetings I had were VERY worth it – but there was a lot of “wasted” time.

In all of the years of selling, I have never figured out how to keep all of the balls in the air. Getting home, I am a teensy bit overwhelmed.

So, I want to hear. How do YOU keep the routines moving and catch up when you are back?

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Please, go to http://on.fb.me/salesgirl and log your advice.

Love the challenges UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

On Perception

I was reading a perfectly lovely blog post on Olga Herman’s The Choice Driven Life – I’ve referenced it below – it is called The 3 Things You Need to Discover the Life You Were Born to Live. 

Pulling out of a VERY dark week last week, it was exactly what I needed to hear. Perhaps you’ll find some gold in it as well. It is a bold and courageous approach to illustrating what really works about a life that works.

Now, you probably already know these things, because YOU are someone who has their life together. But, me, sometimes I am a HOT MESS and it turns out that EVERY time I go about the business of making a bigger life for myself, things get EVEN messier.

My favorite quote comes from the third section on Perception. Mostly, I love this quote ‘cuz it’s just a fun thing to think about – but it also reminded me that when I’m going after the NEXT BIG thing, perhaps it’s time to look at things a little differently. I felt the overwhelm I’ve been feeling the last couple of weeks slipping away. Here’s how it goes:

“You know the story of David and Goliath. When David saw Goliath, his perception of that challenge was totally different from that of his brothers and the entire armies of Israel; they perceived Goliath as too big to kill. When David looked at him, he thought he was too big to miss. Same giant, same problem, a different perception.”

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It just tickles my funny bone and makes me giggle at how BIG and MONSTROUS I create my huge dreams and ambitions to be. Maybe my goals are simply TOO BIG TO MISS!

In fact, as I was walking my three labs today on the beach – I thought about this very thing. Often, people will pass me on the street with these three energetic, sometimes bull-headed puppies and they will say, “Wow! You look like you’ve got your hands full with THEM!” Today, I walked thinking next time I will reply “Actually, THEY’VE got their hands full with ME!” HA! A whole different experience, dontcha think?

I hope you have some fun with Olga’s insights!

Love your big challenges UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl



The trick to dealing with overwhelm

Didja ever notice that the more overwhelmed you get, the more paralyzed you get, and the less you get done?

Funny thing about overwhelm…….when you get there it feels like there is an INFINITE amount of things that need to be done.

That’s the lie. There is a FINITE amount of things to get done.

When I finally remember to do this next exercise…..it always works.

I sit down with a piece of paper or an Excel spreadsheet and I write down EVERYTHING that comes into my head that requires my attention. I just jot it down as it comes into my brain….no filtering.

Then, I go back through the list and write – “Not Now” next to the items that I’m just not going to take care of right now. That one is REALLY fun!

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Usually, at this point, my energy is flowing enough to put “due dates” or “priorities” next to each of the open items.

If I’m feeling ESPECIALLY freed up – I block out times in my calendar to work on my list.

This always restores me and it is SUCH a relief. Somehow, life gets moving along again.

Love your systems up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl