The trick to dealing with overwhelm

Didja ever notice that the more overwhelmed you get, the more paralyzed you get, and the less you get done?

Funny thing about overwhelm…….when you get there it feels like there is an INFINITE amount of things that need to be done.

That’s the lie. There is a FINITE amount of things to get done.

When I finally remember to do this next exercise… always works.

I sit down with a piece of paper or an Excel spreadsheet and I write down EVERYTHING that comes into my head that requires my attention. I just jot it down as it comes into my brain….no filtering.

Then, I go back through the list and write – “Not Now” next to the items that I’m just not going to take care of right now. That one is REALLY fun!

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Usually, at this point, my energy is flowing enough to put “due dates” or “priorities” next to each of the open items.

If I’m feeling ESPECIALLY freed up – I block out times in my calendar to work on my list.

This always restores me and it is SUCH a relief. Somehow, life gets moving along again.

Love your systems up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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