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Taking care of yourself like a champion

Didja miss me?

I have broken my promise to you for the first time in three years!

My promise it to post 5 times weekly with lovely stories or unexpected inspirations and the occasional miracle! (Certainly snarky insights about sales!)

I fell ill this week and did not even open up my laptop. As many of you know, I am working like a DOG to transition to The Irreverent Sales Girl full-time. And it took its toll this week.

This is not an excuse. Not even an explanation.

I noticed….hmmmmmm, do we make things harder than they have to be? Perhaps I am!

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Do I take care of myself like I would a $10 million race horse? No. But, here’s the trick about that point.

I feel like EVERY part of my life is a “must do”. And adding taking care of myself as a “must do” is the OPPOSITE of taking care of myself. Still, I am not taking full care of myself. Can you see what I’m saying here?

Let me add a different view. Today, my car is in the shop. I know what it needs. Premium gas, an extended warranty, regular check ups, cleaned and pampered. Geez, I won’t even let anyone EAT in my car. My cars are ALWAYS in excellent condition. I have a savings account for that car’s service and a plan for the next one. It is ALWAYS handled.

Yet, it is EASY for me to take care of my car like this. I hardly even think about it. It is just something I DO!

So, what about me? Why not the same level of care? I would NEVER allow my car to run on sub-par gasoline at under a quarter of a tank – FOR SURE never under 1/8 of a tank. But, I let MYSELF run on fumes with not enough water and (many times) sub-par “fuel”.

I am in a quandary. What are some things that YOU do to take care of yourself – that are easy and obvious to you? I wonder if I could have some fun with this! Hmmm….Tell me. Is taking care of yourself a “MUST” do…or a self-expression! I need some clues.

Love your body UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Guilty Pleasures

Yesterday, I had just HAD ENOUGH! I had been working to just “kill it” all week! I was TIRED!

So, I spent all day Sunday watching episode after episode of “Sex and the City” in my pajamas. Eating whatever I could scrounge from the refrigerator. I turned my phone off. I didn’t shower OR brush my teeth. I didn’t talk to anybody. I went to bed early. I did not do my laundry.

I tell you this for a very important reason. It is not because I am proud of this little episode.

It’s just I RARELY hear successful people tell you what they do when they are just being slugs. I guess I always thought that really successful people aren’t ever slugs.

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I have imagined that their downtime is spent on exotic vacations to Caribbean resorts. It is all planned and perfect. They go for an energizing run! They read an inspiring book! They do somethiing positive and productive.

SO, I have ALSO made up that they are more successful than I am because they are never slugs. I am tired of having those thoughts in my head.

I’m going out on a limb here. But, I’m betting that these REALLY SUCCESSFUL people have all sorts of guilty little pleasures that they’re JUST NOT SAYING. If you have similar thoughts (like THOSE PEOPLE are doing it right, which is why I can’t do it.) I invite you to think again.

I also invite some of you REALLY SUCCESSFUL people to start sharing the deep and dark secrets. Before I hear about your FABULOUS organize-your-office, write your plans, set your intentions, make the bold calls, eat the frog first…I want you to tell me the truth about what you do when you just shut it all down! That gives me access to something real!

So, ready to dive in and tell the Truth? I am! I want to hear how it REALLY is for you!

Love all of YOU UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Pay yourself first…as applied to scheduling

I have a practice to ensure my long-term wealth: I always pay myself first (meaning, every time I get paid, I always put money into MY savings account first).

And then I realized…I’ve been resisting scheduling my week. Here’s why…I always schedule what I “should” be doing. And it fills everyting up. And then, I don’t do it and I feel like I can’t keep up.

Now, many of you are much better than this – way more driven – so this only “might” apply to you! Or, if you’re RICH, you probably already do this…

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So, this week, I “paid myself first”. I put into my calendar my next vacation and I scheduled my workouts and time “off” FIRST.

Then, I built the actions that I need to take to move my games forward into the calendar.

I don’t HAVE to burn out…and it all fits!

Are you willing to schedule your life out? And to schedule time for you FIRST?

I promise you that WILDLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are not run by their to-do list.


The Irreverent Sales Girl

Who do you think you are?

People are so quick to put themselves (and others) in a box. To define them. But, what are we to be defined by?

When I look, I see that:

I’ve been a liar, and I’ve told the truth
I’ve been a morning person, and I’ve slept in
I’ve walked, I’ve ridden, I’ve biked, I’ve taken the train
I’ve passed classes, and I’ve failed exams
I’ve loved, and I’ve hated
I’ve been generous, and I’ve been stingy
I’ve been kind, and I’ve been cruel
I’ve been loaded, and I’ve been broke
I’ve been fit, and I’ve needed to lose a few pounds
I’ve had a drink, and I’ve stayed sober
I’ve said yes when I meant “no”, and I’ve said no when I meant “no”
I’ve held on tight, and I’ve let go
I’ve stuck with it, and I’ve quit
It goes on and on like that…

There is no one thing that defines me. I am alive, living, RIGHT NOW, and I am doing what I’m doing RIGHT NOW. And it can be new and different and un-imaginable RIGHT NOW!

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GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT. You aren’t any “particular” way and no words can define you beyond your own.

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Today I wanted to give up…..

There are so many things I’m committed to….and some seem like they are in a disaster!

Today, I wanted to just give up. Sometimes that happens for me. What if I just abandoned by dreams and slept and dreamt and forgot? It’s appealing!

I’m smart, though. I have daily calls with a dear friend who is only interested in my success (and me in hers).

With one call, I got to dump out my fears and frustrations. Tomorrow, I will let you in on a practice that works EVERY time. In our conversation, I got restored to my dreams.

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have someone in your life who will keep you in your dreams. This is not just a daily routine. THIS IS YOUR LIFE and the difference you are here to make. Your life is precious and important.

Love ’em up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


Announcing the Debut……

Bear with me while I share a little story…..Thank you!

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Many of you know that the Magnificent Anne Marie Schlekeway was my coach before she moved on from this world with the help of Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Anne Marie was AMAZING, vivacious, talented, magnetic! AND she developed a brilliant 12-week coaching program called The Master Plan.

Before she passed away, she helped ME write The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Master Plan for Wild Success. It is brilliant!

But, I know one thing about me. I am not a coach and I don’t want to be one. I don’t even want to play one on TV.

So, after a long time searching, I have finally found the MOST AMAZING COACH to deliver the program in her absence. He is the Fabulous James Baird who has coached hundreds of people to realize their dreams. Anne Marie’s mother described him as “EXCITING” – and he is!

The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Master Plan for Wild Success is a heart-filled, generous, guaranteed results program to bring people the things they REALLY desire.

We are starting this 12 session program on May 29th. We will only offer it to ten people to start – because we care that the results are delivered.

Right now, there are six people registered for the Debut Plan that we are offering at a deep discount.

If you are one of the deep discount participants, I want you to agree to:

1) Get amazing results
2) Give a video, audio, and/or written testimonial about your results
3) Refer two people to The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Master Plan for Wild Success
4) Participate in assessments every week and one survey at the end.

This is a VaVaVaVoom offer that will ROCK your planet. If you want to check out the introduction and promises and schedule, go to:

I have a feeling we’ll go to waitlist by Thursday, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate.

I can’t WAIT to love you up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

You must consciously protect your internal fire and joy

This whole week is going to be about the critical importance of training your mind to protect your internal fire and joy.

Believe it or not, you do have a say about how you respond to the thoughts that run through your head. Why is it important to know this? Because your mind and how you think is where EVERYTHING you experience and create and accomplish and achieve starts.

Today is about what you feed your brain – especially your subconscious mind. Are you impeccable with the information and entertainment you take in? What do you watch on TV? Movies? How do you process that information – especially subconsciously? How would you know?

What do you read? What do you spend your time looking at on the web?

What you put into your brain is what will come out in your circumstances and conditions that surround you.

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Tomorrow we’ll talk about training your brain to work for you!!!! (Do  you think it already is? We’ll challenge that!)

I want you to have EVERYTHING you dreamed of, and you’ve got everything it takes RIGHT NOW to have it!!!

Love yourself up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Middle-Of-The-Week Quote!

I saw this today and couldn’t wait to send it your way!

“Don’t worry about achieving. Don’t worry about perfection. Just be there each moment as best you can. When you realize you’ve wandered off again, simply very lightly acknowledge that. This light touch is the golden key to reuniting with our openness.”

Pema Chodron, Buddhist Nun

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What makes her so successful?

As I’m watching the Oscars…. (yes, I am watching the “chick Super Bowl”).

I’m noticing Cameron Diaz. She really stands out…..and I’m thinking to myself….

It is no wonder that she is wildly successful. Her energy is so high, she looks like she takes great care of herself and she’s just having a BLAST!!!

Are you treating yourself like a prize possession? Are you loving your life? Is your energy high, high high?

I’m gonna go be a little bit of Cameron this week and KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF!

Love ’em up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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