Guilty Pleasures

Yesterday, I had just HAD ENOUGH! I had been working to just “kill it” all week! I was TIRED!

So, I spent all day Sunday watching episode after episode of “Sex and the City” in my pajamas. Eating whatever I could scrounge from the refrigerator. I turned my phone off. I didn’t shower OR brush my teeth. I didn’t talk to anybody. I went to bed early. I did not do my laundry.

I tell you this for a very important reason. It is not because I am proud of this little episode.

It’s just I RARELY hear successful people tell you what they do when they are just being slugs. I guess I always thought that really successful people aren’t ever slugs.

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I have imagined that their downtime is spent on exotic vacations to Caribbean resorts. It is all planned and perfect. They go for an energizing run! They read an inspiring book! They do somethiing positive and productive.

SO, I have ALSO made up that they are more successful than I am because they are never slugs. I am tired of having those thoughts in my head.

I’m going out on a limb here. But, I’m betting that these REALLY SUCCESSFUL people have all sorts of guilty little pleasures that they’re JUST NOT SAYING. If you have similar thoughts (like THOSE PEOPLE are doing it right, which is why I can’t do it.) I invite you to think again.

I also invite some of you REALLY SUCCESSFUL people to start sharing the deep and dark secrets. Before I hear about your FABULOUS organize-your-office, write your plans, set your intentions, make the bold calls, eat the frog first…I want you to tell me the truth about what you do when you just shut it all down! That gives me access to something real!

So, ready to dive in and tell the Truth? I am! I want to hear how it REALLY is for you!

Love all of YOU UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. When I’m feeling slug like, I turn on ESPN and I watch it. For hours. And Food Network.

    And I will bore myself to tears – sometimes with wine, sometimes with just mind numbing nothing, until I crash and fall asleep. Doesn’t take long. Doesn’t happen often. But I do it.

  2. Slugging for me involves cooking and eating. Shutting off the phone and cooking up some simple comfort food–roast chicken or pasta–and curling up with my guy, a fab movie (which does not require deep thought) and a great bottle of vino. Heaven….

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