Didja miss me?

I have broken my promise to you for the first time in three years!

My promise it to post 5 times weekly with lovely stories or unexpected inspirations and the occasional miracle! (Certainly snarky insights about sales!)

I fell ill this week and did not even open up my laptop. As many of you know, I am working like a DOG to transition to The Irreverent Sales Girl full-time. And it took its toll this week.

This is not an excuse. Not even an explanation.

I noticed….hmmmmmm, do we make things harder than they have to be? Perhaps I am!

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Do I take care of myself like I would a $10 million race horse? No. But, here’s the trick about that point.

I feel like EVERY part of my life is a “must do”. And adding taking care of myself as a “must do” is the OPPOSITE of taking care of myself. Still, I am not taking full care of myself. Can you see what I’m saying here?

Let me add a different view. Today, my car is in the shop. I know what it needs. Premium gas, an extended warranty, regular check ups, cleaned and pampered. Geez, I won’t even let anyone EAT in my car. My cars are ALWAYS in excellent condition. I have a savings account for that car’s service and a plan for the next one. It is ALWAYS handled.

Yet, it is EASY for me to take care of my car like this. I hardly even think about it. It is just something I DO!

So, what about me? Why not the same level of care? I would NEVER allow my car to run on sub-par gasoline at under a quarter of a tank – FOR SURE never under 1/8 of a tank. But, I let MYSELF run on fumes with not enough water and (many times) sub-par “fuel”.

I am in a quandary. What are some things that YOU do to take care of yourself – that are easy and obvious to you? I wonder if I could have some fun with this! Hmmm….Tell me. Is taking care of yourself a “MUST” do…or a self-expression! I need some clues.

Love your body UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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