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The 5 hours of Doubt!

This week, a professional consultant told me that my business will never work

I spent most of yesterday mourning my demise. Relegated to a job. Not able to make my dreams come true.

Then, The Irreverent Sales Girl came to me and said, “REALLY? REALLY? You are going to GIVE UP NOW? REALLY?”

SO, I picked myself up… got in touch with people who love me …


I don’t care how long you have been putting aside your dreams or who tells you that you can’t have it. Get back on the horse! NOW! It takes courage… and you have it.

Love your challenges UP! (It’s not easy)

The Irreverent Sales Girl

How do you engage someone in ways they never imagined?

I was attending a conference session headed up by a very interesting organization called Care2 (Make a Difference) at I do NOT condone every one of their messages, but they solidified something for me.

Care2 postulates that if you have a business that satisfies 6 Basic Human Needs, you have got a winner!

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I was thrilled. First, I already work to incorporate all of them – AND it gave me ideas for getting even better. I am thinking about painting these 6 key words on my office wall to remind me (and all those who work with me) to fulfill these needs in every interaction. Ready? Here they are:

1) Significance: Day-In-and-Day-Out, I make sure that EVERY person who interacts with me is acknowledged publicly. Think I can’t keep it up? TRY ME!

2) Connection: People have a deep desire to feel connected – to a person, a brand, a company, a vision. I work HARD to provide pathways to this. I will never stop!

3) Contribution: People are DYING to make a difference. I am so grateful that YOU make a difference with me. It is my goal to demonstrate publicly the difference you make and the contribution you are to my life, to others’ lives, and to all of your communities.

4) Certainty: People want to know what to expect when they listen to my messages.I believe they expect Dignity, Irreverence, Inspiration, and something that reminds them of who they are. I work very hard on this quality. The Irreverent Sales Girl does not swear and rarely disparages – UNLESS you are so totally off base that disparging you is the only avenue I can see (*grin*).

5) Variety: The yin to the yang of Certainty. (Or is it the other way around?) In any case, people want to be Surprised and Delighted. They like a twist. They want something a little unexpected. This is why I stay FAR away from “warmed over porridge” otherwise known as sappy platitudes. There is plenty of that everywhere else.

6) Growth: People want an opportunity to grow. Everything I offer is designed for exactly that. So that I can grow and hopefully offer something that inspires you to grow, too! If we do not all grow together, I’ll likely get left behind! No GOOD!

Feel free to steal these tenets if you’d like. I stole them after all! I think they are amazing!

Let’s go forth and give people what they want!

Love your work UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


Why “Can I?” is such a bad habit

So often when we confront something we want to do … our first thought is “Can I?”

“Can I afford it?” “Can I physically handle it?” “Can I make it work with my schedule?”

I wonder where we learned this. Whose permission are we asking anyway? When we were kids were we so trained in learning to ask “Can I?” that it just STUCK!

WHAT IF we were trained to ask “How can I?”

“Hey, Mom! HOW CAN I get you to agree to have Nicky over for dinner tonight?”

“Hey, Teacher! HOW CAN I get an extra 15 minutes of recess today?”

“Hey, Dad. HOW CAN I get the family to Disneyland this summer?”

What would your life look like NOW if you were trained THAT WAY.

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Today, In invite you to pretend that you WERE trained that way. Like anything is possible, you’ve just got to find out how and don’t stop asking until you do! Maybe you’ll start by giving YOURSELF permission in the first place.


Today could be a MIRACLE DAY for you!

Love yourself UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Going to the Ocean with a Thimble


This is the hardest thing for me to get myself.

The world is willing (and able) to give you EVERYTHING you wish for.

But, we don’t ask.

Surprisingly, I have asked for about 100 things in the past month – and I’ve gotten ONE “No!” (in response to … do you want to receive my newsletter).

ONE “NO” out of 100 asks. WOW!

I now have to deal with that I’m not asking for very much.

What would your life look like if you were asking for so much that you got only ONE yes for ONE HUNDRED asks?

But, that ONE YES was a WORLD-SHAKER?

Consider that you are going to the OCEAN with a thimble, when it is ALL available to you.

NOW, what will you ask for?

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Bonus Opportunity: Post your BIG ASK …

Love miracles UP!

The Irreverent Sales GIrl

Release your inner engineer!

I was reading a discussion on LinkedIn today about sales engineers; that supposedly magical mix of technical expertise and sales acumen. The woman posting asserted that “the two personalities are on opposite sides of the spectrum”…and I thought to myself, “Really?” I wonder what she means…

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After all,

Great engineers figure out processes, fix things, and incorporate innovative products/services into existing systems to create efficiencies. They make things work.

So do great salespeople.

Great engineers know when something won’t work NOW or ever at all and they don’t pretend that it will.

So do great salespeople.

Great engineers know how to ask straight questions, get to the heart of the problem, and give straight answers.

So do great salespeople.

Great engineers know when a workaround can really work — and they bring creativity to the situation — solving the problem.

So do great salespeople.

Great engineers listen first and get ALL the relevant facts before they propose a solution.

So do great salespeople.

Great engineers know when something else will work better and are willing to share that information freely.

So do great salespeople.

Great engineers know their product inside and out and understand where it fits in the marketplace.

So do great salespeople.

Great engineers ask, “How can we?”

So do great salespeople.

You get the idea!

So, if I were a sales engineer and I was asked the tough question, “Am I more engineer or sales?” I would say “both”.

As long as I know how to listen for the problem, determine if we have a solution, and propose the right mix of products/services to either meet or exceed the client’s goals, then I can be your top engineer and salesperson every time.

Love the engineer in you UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

When you’re down and weary….

When you’re down and weary

And you have no place to go.. just remember, remember..

Knock it off!

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If you are not on your game, call someone who will remind you of who you are and what you are doing.

Call your friend…

Love ’em UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Who do you think you are?

People are so quick to put themselves (and others) in a box. To define them. But, what are we to be defined by?

When I look, I see that:

I’ve been a liar, and I’ve told the truth
I’ve been a morning person, and I’ve slept in
I’ve walked, I’ve ridden, I’ve biked, I’ve taken the train
I’ve passed classes, and I’ve failed exams
I’ve loved, and I’ve hated
I’ve been generous, and I’ve been stingy
I’ve been kind, and I’ve been cruel
I’ve been loaded, and I’ve been broke
I’ve been fit, and I’ve needed to lose a few pounds
I’ve had a drink, and I’ve stayed sober
I’ve said yes when I meant “no”, and I’ve said no when I meant “no”
I’ve held on tight, and I’ve let go
I’ve stuck with it, and I’ve quit
It goes on and on like that…

There is no one thing that defines me. I am alive, living, RIGHT NOW, and I am doing what I’m doing RIGHT NOW. And it can be new and different and un-imaginable RIGHT NOW!

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GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT. You aren’t any “particular” way and no words can define you beyond your own.

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

People are DYING to help….

Remember this …. on your road to Wild Success.

Humans are better givers than receivers.

We all want to help someone else, but when it comes time for someone to give to us…..we’re not that good at receiving.

I am talking to you! Unless you are already WILDLY SUCCESSFUL, you are not good at people GIVING TO YOU!

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Try this week to be an EXCELLENT RECEIVER.

Simply say “Thanks”.

Love your peeps UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Go forth…the quote to sum it all up for the week….

“He who will withdraw from the fight because the circumstances of the time dictate such withdrawal ….are lost if they’ve forgotten their aim. Those who remember their aim, will not be deterred, and they will win.”

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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The bad habits come marching in….

Doesn’t matter who you are.

If you are human, you are a creature of habit.

I’ve started to notice……If I’ve had a wildly great day, my next day will be poor or mediocre at best. It’s what limits my effectiveness.

Do you have this internal enemy? The one who makes sure that status quo (survival) is the norm?

How do you change it?

Work it to your favor!!!!! You alone know your energy and its cycles. USE them to your advantage.

Yes, you can do powerful things to change your habits, and I invite you to do that. But, if you TRUST your energy cycles and you commit to being amazing….it will fall into place!

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You know I’m telling the truth! How many times have you worked and worked and worked for no result…and then you took a day to relax and everything came pouring in?

Love your destiny up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl