Going to the Ocean with a Thimble


This is the hardest thing for me to get myself.

The world is willing (and able) to give you EVERYTHING you wish for.

But, we don’t ask.

Surprisingly, I have asked for about 100 things in the past month – and I’ve gotten ONE “No!” (in response to … do you want to receive my newsletter).

ONE “NO” out of 100 asks. WOW!

I now have to deal with that I’m not asking for very much.

What would your life look like if you were asking for so much that you got only ONE yes for ONE HUNDRED asks?

But, that ONE YES was a WORLD-SHAKER?

Consider that you are going to the OCEAN with a thimble, when it is ALL available to you.

NOW, what will you ask for?

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Bonus Opportunity: Post your BIG ASK …

Love miracles UP!

The Irreverent Sales GIrl

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