Why “Can I?” is such a bad habit

So often when we confront something we want to do … our first thought is “Can I?”

“Can I afford it?” “Can I physically handle it?” “Can I make it work with my schedule?”

I wonder where we learned this. Whose permission are we asking anyway? When we were kids were we so trained in learning to ask “Can I?” that it just STUCK!

WHAT IF we were trained to ask “How can I?”

“Hey, Mom! HOW CAN I get you to agree to have Nicky over for dinner tonight?”

“Hey, Teacher! HOW CAN I get an extra 15 minutes of recess today?”

“Hey, Dad. HOW CAN I get the family to Disneyland this summer?”

What would your life look like NOW if you were trained THAT WAY.

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Today, In invite you to pretend that you WERE trained that way. Like anything is possible, you’ve just got to find out how and don’t stop asking until you do! Maybe you’ll start by giving YOURSELF permission in the first place.


Today could be a MIRACLE DAY for you!

Love yourself UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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