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Express yourself – authentically

Has success been elusive? Get EDGY!

Got EDGY?Check this out! Dan’s EDGY introduction of the game-changing book!

I HEART DAN WALDSCHMIDT. He is one of the most accomplished, generous, and committed people I know – committed to OTHER’S success. He is EDGY and real and awesome. The Irreverent Sales Girl would be nowhere near where we are today without his awesome-ness!

Here is what Dan has to say about the book he released today!

“It took us four years of work to figure out what really makes ordinary people do amazing things. Like you, we had read many books about how to be successful in business, how to stay motivated, and how to get rich. When we finished reading each one we though “if that formula works so well why is it that I don’t get the results that the book says I should be getting?”

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We threw away the books and motivational seminars and started looking around at ordinary people who ended up unbelievably achieving outrageous success. We looked for common people who accomplished amazing feats of success and dug a little deeper into their stories. The more we started looking, the more examples we found.

From business to math to science to sports to politics,  we studied 1,000 ordinary people who achieved success against all the odds. What we uncovered were four clear character traits that I had never read about in any book. We call it EDGY. (And wrote our own book about it.)”



Dan Waldschmidt is an international business strategist, speaker, author, and extreme athlete.  His consulting firm solves complex marketing and business strategy problems for savvy companies all over the world. Dow Jones calls his Edgy Conversations blog one of the top sales sites on the internet. He’s been profiled in Business Week, INC Magazine, BBC, Fox News, The Today Show, and Business Insider, has been the featured guest on dozens of radio programs, and has published hundreds of articles on progressive business strategy. He is author of Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Achieve Outrageous Success.

AND, if you order NOW, he’ll send you his workbook FREE!

Love your success UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

When you just get stuck

It will happen!Are you stuck?

Even if you are the best in the biz…

Every now and then, you WILL lose your passion and you will lose your way.

The deals you used to be reliable for will not close.

You will worry that you’ve “lost it”.


You’re not going to like the next idea, but it is CRUCIAL..

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If you feel stuck, one of four things has probably happened:

1) You have had a major life event (like a death in the family) that has taken you off your game

2)  You have exhausted your “reliable” leads and you are focusing only on them

3)  You have recently lost a deal you were sure would close and you have lost your confidence

4)  You can’t see the pathway to closing the deals you need to close to make your number


The answer is simple, but most people don’t do it!

Get in touch with your favorite salespseron and ask THEM what they would do!


 A deal WILL come through and it will re-ignite you.


You’ve got what it takes…and you KNOW it. (Or else you wouldn’t have read so far!)

PLEASE get in touch with me if you are stuck. I will do whatever it takes to get you un-stuck!

Try me!

Love being a salesperson UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

The power of “No Problem”

I was in the audience of greatness.The power of "No Problem"

The woman who was mentoring me was letting me listen in on her calls…

Every time an obstacle came up, Reliably, she said “No Problem”…

It immediately put her buyer (and me) at ease!

Try the magic of “No problem” and see what happens!

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It gives you three things!

1) Time to breathe and re-assess – puts YOU in control

2) Grace to your buyer when sellers are putting on the pressure

3) Partnership – you are on their side and making them feel important!

So, NO PROBLEM. Period. (Even when it might seem there is a problem from the start)

Love ’em ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Is my calendar mocking me?

Is my daily calendar mocking me? I received a Daily Inspirational Quotes calendar from a dear friend this holiday.

Each morning, I reach for the new day to read the quote, but am met with the first page – that I cannot bring myself to tear out.

This page says, “What one bold change will you make this year? Write it down on the last page of the calendar.”

And I find myself at a severe and serious loss. It seems like such a daunting task, picking a BOLD change I will make and committing it to the last Inspirational Quote day of 2014. Will I get to that day and feel a swell of pride, that indeed I did make that change? Will I feel the agony of defeat and head for a second bottle of champagne?  What forces will I invoke if I do this exercise?

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Yet, each morning, it mocks me again. I must do something about this!

What would YOU say? What would YOU write?

I really want to know!

Love it ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Check your Confidence Quotient FIRST this year!

Welcome to 2014!Check your Confidence Quotient

Before we get started together this year, I recommend we look at one CRITICAL thing.

How is your MIND SPACE?

THE NUMBER ONE indicator of your success this year, is the level of self-confidence you have going in!

SO, let’s take a look.

On a scale of 1 – 10, how confident are you that you will meet your goals this year?

If you are anywhere below a TEN, let’s take a look at what might be happening and churn up some ideas to whip your confidence RIGHT UP THE SCALE!

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First, let’s take the advice of Jack Canfield. Instead of asking ourselves how we are going to move from a 5 to a 10, we are going to ask ourselves – “Hmmmmmmmm…..why so high? Why am I as high as a 5?”

(You will find some interesting things about what you DO feel good about).

Next, we are going to continue to take the advice of Jack Canfield again and ask “What would it take to move me up to a 6?” No need to jump all the way to the 10. This answer will be much more informative and much more actionable.

Now, look to see what might still be an open, gaping wound from the previous year (or even previous years).

If you’ve lost your swagger, you probably got a good swing (or two or three) to the face with a (hypothetical) two-by-four. Perhaps you missed your quota last year. Perhaps you came in at number 3 when you were sure you were headed for number one. Perhaps you lost that DEAL YOU HAD COUNTED ON to a competitor at the last minute.

Take that two-by-four moment and confront it. Can you see clearly WHAT happened and WHY it happened?

Often, when you look straight at the problem, you can see where YOU had a hand in the negative outcome. Find out if you can forgive yourself . The good news is that if you are the one who caused the negative result, you are also the one who can get the positive result in the future. Huzzah!

Some things you CAN’T control. It is possible that something knocked you off your game and you had nothing to do with it. Take a moment and call a trusted mentor (or even a therapist) to get this sorted out – and sorted out all the way. Until you are completely restored to your brilliance and natural FANTASTIC-NESS!


Finally, play a game with some friends. 

I was chatting with a couple of my closest girl friends yesterday. We all three realized that we were lacking a bit in the area of self-confidence around our goals this year. SO, here’s what we’re doing:

1) Writing down our top 10 qualities that take us to success

2) Writing down the top 10 qualities of the OTHER two of us – that WE know helps them to success

3) Writing down our top 5 accomplishments from last year –  and identifying how WE made those happen

4) Writing down our top 5 disappointments from last year – and identifying how WE made those happen

5) Getting together again for a chat next week to share what we found with each other

So, what are YOU going to do to make sure you go screaming and proud and confident into your 2014 – armed with all the swagger and pomp you can manage? I would love to hear! 

Love your confidence UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

You are discouraged? Go, go, go, go, GO!

Yes! The end of the year is upon us!

Yes! We don’t know if we are going to meet our goals (Didn’t it all seem so DO-able in January?)


Do you know that one year  I had a colleague who had sold a sum total of ZERO against her goal in October.

By December, she had exceeded her quota!  (True Story)

She went from ABSOLUTE ZERO to winning in TWO MONTHS. You are discouraged? Go, go, go, go, GO!

What was the catalyst?

Wondering how to go from 5 to 6 figures in sales? Check out this Free eBook:

She did some work to DISRUPT her conventional ways of thinking and acting!

Are you willing to GO FOR IT this year?

Never stop going!

AND, email me for the private conversation of how my colleague made it happen: Not to be mysterious. Just not everyone wants to hear it!

You can do it if you will let NOTHING STAND IN THE WAY – including YOU!

Love your success UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

A Backwards Hansel & Gretel Story

Here’s what I have learned about getting everything I want in life.A Backwards Hansel & Gretel Story

When I set myself going in a direction (goal) and then I follow the bread crumbs (Hansel & Gretel backwards), it always seems to work!

My dear friend Nicole (name changed to protect the amazing) recently shared a story with me that brought it all home for me.

Nicole is a super-smart, super-successful, super-educated Ph.D. scientist.

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She was working in a job that was OK,  yet it didn’t give her everything she was seeking in career and life fulfillment. (Does this sound familiar to you?)

So, she sat down and started thinking about how she wanted her life to REALLY look!

And amazing things started to happen. Opportunities started to show up that moved her towards her ideal situation. Things she never could have imagined. She started finding new pathways towards her dreams.

Here’s what she shared with me:

“I started living my life in a direction. And then, I simply followed the bread crumbs in front of me.”

Isn’t that how it REALLY works?

So many times, we feel that we need to understand all of the things that will take us to our goals before we even dare to dream them.

Instead I say, DREAM THEM and be sure to say “YES” to the opportunities that show up in front of you.

You have NO access to all the things that are happening in the world that will bring you the circumstances you crave!

Scientists ascribe this phenomenom to the brain’s “Reticular Activating System”. (Much like when you decide you want to buy that brand new BMW and then you start to see them all over the road.) I don’t know much about that…

WHAT I DO KNOW is that when you really commit to something, no matter how crazy it seems…SOMETHING goes to work to help you have it. Is it the Universe? Is it God? Is it some subconscious power that we cannot explain?


I mean, really? Do you understand how electricity works? (Hint: no one REALLY does). But, do you plug your lamp into the socket and it shines? Yes, it does.

Moral of today’s story: GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT! Live your life in a direction, and then follow the bread crumbs!

Something is working in your favor! (Period.)

And a quote that my good friend Carolyn Coradeschi sent to me today:

“A step in the wrong direction is better than staying on the spot all our life. Once you’re moving forward you can correct your course as you go. Your automatic guidance system cannot guide you when you’re standing still.”~Maxwell Malz

Love your direction UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


P.S. I am about to do something that I rarely do. I am going to suggest some resources that you could check out if you are committed to living your life in your direction FAST!

IMPORTANT: I do not get paid if you do these things. I have checked them out and know they make a diff!

1) If you are looking for a powerful career transition to something you love, please hire Christie Mims at Take the assessment for free. She only works with women, but I BET we could convince her otherwise 😉 Men are important, too! Right?

2) If you are looking for a powerful sales coach to get you to the next level, please consider Carolyn Coradeschi ( Take the assessment. Get the free consultation!

Love, ISG



Let’s revisit this “Know, Like & Trust” thing, shall we?

I hear ALL THE TIME…”People do business with people they Know, Like & Trust” from sales trainers and sales experts.Common Sense

Here’s what I wanna know…


People go to prom with people they know, like & trust.
People travel great distances at great expense to visit people they know, like & trust.
People like to give gifts to people they know, like & trust.
Let’s face it, people like to hang out with DOGS they know, like & trust.

It’s pretty common sense, isn’t it?


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If it is some kind of revelation to you that people do business with people they know, like & trust, WHERE ELSE are you not bringing common sense to your sales?

Things like:

People do business with people who deliver excellent service
People do business with people who have a sterling reputation
People do business with people they hold on a pedastal
People do business with people who do what they say they are going to do
People do business with people who have similar values
People do business with people who ….. I mean, we could keep going here, couldn’t we?


If learning that “People do Business with People they Know, Like & Trust” is a revelation to you, then what is going on with your sales? 

Do you not believe in what you sell?
Do you not believe that your customer needs what you sell?
Are your goals different from that of your customer?
Are you trying to meet quotas instead of make a difference with people?

And here is my favorite…


This week, I want you to bring common sense to your business. (Sorry, this will require actual THINKING)

Are you doing the work that you know you should do to connect with the people who need what you sell?

If yes (and be honest with yourself about that one),

Who are the people that “should” be doing business with you?
Do they know about you?
Do they agree that they need something that you offer?

Reach out to THEM. Be clear, simple, concise. Offer them something yummy!

Go be a great human being. Period. THEN, see what shows up!

Love ’em UP! (And the rest will follow)

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Who’s driving the train, anyway?

Just because you are not the one talking, does not mean you are not guiding the sale!

In fact, it is USUALLY just the OPPOSITE! Guiding the Sale - Who's Driving the Train?

Today a magical and truly wonderful thing happened!

I was in a meeting with an SVP of a Fortune 100 company…and MAN was HE talking. He was so enthusiastic about his company… he was so proud of the work they were doing an new opportunities on the horizon. He loves the brand. He told me everything from the way the founders started out in the Depression…all the way up to the new (and – shall we say – controversial?) CEO they have.

He talked. And he talked. And he talked.


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I listened to every word as if it were gold — which it turns out — every word was.

When he finally got around to asking me details about what I do and what my company offers, I had everything I needed to know to tell him how we could help. And he had said everything he needed to say, so there wasn’t anything in the background distracting him.

I told (short) stories back about how are companies’ philosophies and directions were aligned.


Know what he said next?

“Send me the contract. We need to get this going right away.”

Guess what I did! I STOPPED SELLING!

I said, “GREAT! Will you be signing it?”

– yes –

Then, I thanked him for his business. Asked him if there was anything else he needed. Said our pleasantries and ske-daddled.

He did the talking. I drove the train. I won the business.  FUN!

Love the talkers UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Solve THIS dilemma for me, won’t you?

This is just SO BAD! Solve THIS dilemma for me, won't you?

What would you have done?

So, I’m traveling on business last week visiting clients and prospects. On the road!

I SCORED a 25-minute meeting with a SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT of a Fortune 50 company – from a COLD CALL. A big deal!

Here’s the rub!

The day before the meeting, his assistant emails and tells me that their offices have recently moved and they are now located 20 minutes away from the meeting I have right before this opportunity. (They used to be two blocks away). I CANNOT reschedule the meeting I have before this one. It is a critical event.

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No problem! I get into action!

I set the address in my GPS ahead of time. No fumbling in the car on my way out. Set. Done!

I keep my parking ticket in the front of my purse with the credit card right next to it – ready to pay and get out of there quickly!

I gas up the car.

I tell the client I am meeting right before my BIG OPPORTUNITY  (already a good friend) that I have to cut out of our meeting a 1/2 hour early to give myself a good hour to get 20 minutes down the road. They’re fine with that.

I have an hour to go 20 minutes and be relaxed, confident, and prepared for this BIG DEAL meeting.

And then, the MAYHEM happens.

The parking machine doesn’t work – so I can’t pay to get out of the garage. But, it doesn’t TELL me it is out of order. It just keeps acting like I’m doing it wrong. Finally, I give up and run to the car.

There is a LIVE parking attendant at the gate! YAY!

But, he can’t take my money for the ticket. I have to fill out a form.

Even though I tell this lovely parking attendant that I am in a terrible hurry, he must check the form and then enter a bunch of information into the computer before he will let go the gate. HE is not in a hurry, just me!

I’m still fine. Still time.


Huge traffic snarl – with cops called out to direct traffic.

It is now 25 minutes until my meeting and I am STUCK! Solidly stuck in traffic that is NOT moving!

There is NO WAY I am getting to my BIG DEAL MEETING on time – and the meeting was ONLY for 25 minutes anyway.

(Remembering that hindsight is 20/20 and I could have done better setting myself up….)


I really want to hear. And, then I’ll share with you what I did.

Love it ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl