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A Backwards Hansel & Gretel Story

Here’s what I have learned about getting everything I want in life.A Backwards Hansel & Gretel Story

When I set myself going in a direction (goal) and then I follow the bread crumbs (Hansel & Gretel backwards), it always seems to work!

My dear friend Nicole (name changed to protect the amazing) recently shared a story with me that brought it all home for me.

Nicole is a super-smart, super-successful, super-educated Ph.D. scientist.

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She was working in a job that was OK,  yet it didn’t give her everything she was seeking in career and life fulfillment. (Does this sound familiar to you?)

So, she sat down and started thinking about how she wanted her life to REALLY look!

And amazing things started to happen. Opportunities started to show up that moved her towards her ideal situation. Things she never could have imagined. She started finding new pathways towards her dreams.

Here’s what she shared with me:

“I started living my life in a direction. And then, I simply followed the bread crumbs in front of me.”

Isn’t that how it REALLY works?

So many times, we feel that we need to understand all of the things that will take us to our goals before we even dare to dream them.

Instead I say, DREAM THEM and be sure to say “YES” to the opportunities that show up in front of you.

You have NO access to all the things that are happening in the world that will bring you the circumstances you crave!

Scientists ascribe this phenomenom to the brain’s “Reticular Activating System”. (Much like when you decide you want to buy that brand new BMW and then you start to see them all over the road.) I don’t know much about that…

WHAT I DO KNOW is that when you really commit to something, no matter how crazy it seems…SOMETHING goes to work to help you have it. Is it the Universe? Is it God? Is it some subconscious power that we cannot explain?


I mean, really? Do you understand how electricity works? (Hint: no one REALLY does). But, do you plug your lamp into the socket and it shines? Yes, it does.

Moral of today’s story: GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT! Live your life in a direction, and then follow the bread crumbs!

Something is working in your favor! (Period.)

And a quote that my good friend Carolyn Coradeschi sent to me today:

“A step in the wrong direction is better than staying on the spot all our life. Once you’re moving forward you can correct your course as you go. Your automatic guidance system cannot guide you when you’re standing still.”~Maxwell Malz

Love your direction UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


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Love, ISG



Do you have your goals…or do your goals have YOU?

Goals are a curious thiDo you have your goals...or do your goals HAVE YOU? ng

Where do they come from? Who said they were the right goals? Why do I see meeting my quota as a goal and running a marathon as not a goal? How did that get wired?

Why “goals” anyway?

Seems like we’re supposed to have goals, right? But, have we even examined why we have the goals we do? Have you? How do they serve you? DO they serve you?

The ATTAINABLE goals…the goals with the glory!

Somehow, the goals that I have achieved in my life – yes, even EXCEEDED – with wild and flying colors – seem to have PICKED ME!

It’s like a secret, strong, and silent voice urged me to GO FOR that one thing. And it was EASY to commit, even felt natural. It does NOT MEAN they were easy to achieve, but I had the heart – the gusto – the “over-my-dead-body” about them.

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I’m wondering…

Am I setting the goals I think I “should” set?

Am I setting goals because setting goals is the right thing to do?

Or, am I paying attention to that inner pull? Maybe “my purpose”?

So, I’ve learned to trust the goals that HAVE ME!

They wake me up early in the morning. They drive me. They take me to the places that I want to go.

Can we take a moment and give ourselves over to the things that HAVE US?

Instead of the things that we “think” we should have?

Just a thought!

Love your goals UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl