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The 4 Laws of Sane Competitive Selling

Dear Irreverent Sales Girl, Winning Team Mountain Climbing

I need some help!

I am starting a new sales job and really want to be successful. I am starting with a company who has an exciting product, a primed marketplace, and a culture of team-play.  Tons of management support and excellent compensation models.

Sounds good so far, but here’s the problem.

I’m a competitive person. I’m an ambitious person. I like to win. I like the thrill of the hunt and I like to be acclaimed for my victories.

Which can be great – for me – when I’m winning.

Not so great for the people around me – I’m a bit arrogant when I’m #1.

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And terrible for everyone when I’m NOT winning. (And by winning, I mean blowing my quota out of the water and being #1 in the company – no matter what!)

I tend to be a front-runner. I’m fired up when I’m number one, but easily discouraged when I fall to second place or below.

I sabotage my sales managers when I’m not winning – they can’t figure out what is going on – I was doing so well. It is frustrating for them and I don’t clue them in on what I need. I stop working at full-speed-ahead. I get resigned.

What can I do to ensure that I set myself up for a long and happy run with this company, while honoring the “we’re a team” culture, and feeling like I am succeeding?


Ready to Grow UP!


Dear Ready to Grow Up,

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Wanna reinvent a part of your life?

Wanna reinvent a part of your life?Thanks to Vidette Vanderweide for the vulnerable interview with me today about her powerful steps to reinvention.

Ever heard that tiny voice inside – nudging you to make a change? Or, maybe it’s bigger than that – maybe you’ve gotten sick – maybe you’ve lost something important to you and you don’t know where to turn. Perhaps you just find yourself a little bit “off” all the time?


Wondering how to go from 5 to 6 figures in sales? Check out this Free eBook: http://ebook.solidsixblueprint.com/solid-six-ebook/

On our call, Vidette outlined the six steps to reinvention.I’ve included them here – AND I highly ENCOURAGE you to get her book S.O.U.L. Mama. The book is page-turner. Vidette doesn’t “tell” you HOW to reinvent. She shows you how she did. And, it isn’t always pretty!

Order the book here: www.soulmamabook.com

The Six Steps to Reinvention:

  1. Reconnect – Reconnect with who you are and those dreams and desires you have (Maybe it’s been years since you’ve remembered them.)
  2. Reframe – Release old behaviors and replace with new ones to encourage a new paradigm to emerge.
  3. Receive – Receive new visions, new thoughts, new habits
  4. Reinvent – your daily practices – especially those that are no longer serving you
  5. Revolutionize – find your unique gifts and talents and bring them to the world
  6. Refine – What in your new paradigm is not working? Tweak it. Play with it. Refine it until it works the way you dreamed

We will post a recording of the VaVaVaVoom (Voyeruistic, Vicarious, Virtual) Conversation soon!

Learn more about Vidette at www.videttev.com. You’ll be glad you did.

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl



An Amazing Opportunity to Eavesdrop

An Amazing Opportunity to Eavesdrop

When Vidette walked in on her husband…(I’ll let HER tell that part of the story)…an unexpected journey started to unfold.

Vidette’s journey of self-exploration has led her to create enormous breakthroughs in business and personal lives for herself and her clients. She is now an author, an International Speaker, and a TV Host. (I adore her).

You will be astounded by the Vulnerability and Power of Vidette’s message (I PROMISE it is not what you would expect).

Wondering how to go from 5 to 6 figures in sales? Check out this Free eBook: http://ebook.solidsixblueprint.com/solid-six-ebook/

Out of her extraordinary experience, Vidette created a six-step process to Re-Invention. Her book, S.O.U.L Mama outlines the steps that will dramatically impact YOU. Get a free 30-minute sneak peek at:

1) How powerful women think (this one’s for the guys)
2) How vulnerability invokes power (this one’s for everyone)
3) How to re-invent yourself – expand past the barriers you may have now (we’ve all got them)

Enjoy a FRESH and exciting look at what is available NOW to you because of Vidette’s gift of saying it how it really is. (It’s like reading the “hot” girl’s diary!)

Join me on January 31 at 1 pm Eastern to listen in to the VaVaVaVoom (Voyeuristic, Vicarious, Virtual) Interview with this dear woman. Register here: bit.ly/vavavavoomregister. The first ten to register AND tweet about the event will receive a FREE book from Vidette! 

Love your journey UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

A great story! Please join me to listen to the One-Call Close Master tell his stories!

Selling Fearlessly
Announcing the VaVaVaVoom Selling Fearlessly Book Release Interview

I am excited to announce a special 45-minute telephone event that will ENTERTAIN you on November 8th (and give you some great sales tips, too).

Ever wanted to know how to walk into a COMPLETELY COLD sales call and “BE” the equal to your prospect,  GUIDE  the conversation, while you CONTROL  the environment?  (And,  get the close the first time?)

ME TOO! That is exactly what we are talking about!

On November 8th at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern, join me for the VaVaVaVoom (Voyeuristic, Vicarious, Virtual) Selling Fearlessly Book Release Interview with the renowned Robert Terson!

You WILL walk away with stuff no one else is ever likely to tell you (‘cuz, frankly, they don’t know).

Wondering how to go from 5 to 6 figures in sales? Check out this Free eBook: http://ebook.solidsixblueprint.com/solid-six-ebook/

The great part is, that it’s MOSTLY free. We are offering admission if you’re willing to Pay With A Tweet or simply Opt-In to Irreverent Sales Girl’s email list (don’t worry — I have a strict “I Hate Spam” policy). There will be a surprise give-away at the end to a lucky caller, too!

We’re having a ton of fun putting this event together, and we hope you’ll join us.

Just go to The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Homepage to sign up: http://www.irreverentsalesgirl.com/. You’ll learn all the details there!

Let’s ROCK THIS THING. And don’t keep it to yourself. If you think YOU ARE going to love it, think of a someone else who will, too, and send them along to sign up. (We’re not selling ONE SINGLE THING – just putting together loads of value for you and your career).

Love it UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl