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Can You Predict How Much You’ll Make This Year?

If you want to go from 5 – 6 Figures in sales, FOR REALS, you need to be able to predict how much business you are going to close in the year.

Most of us feel like sales are random. There are the deals

How much will I make this year? 

you’re SURE are going close – but they just never seem to get done.  And then, there are those deals that come flying in from out-of-the-blue and close – that you just never expected.

No wonder it’s so uncomfortable when you’re meeting with your Sales Manager – trying to tell them the truth about how your sales are going and what they can expect for you to close.

I’ve got good news for you. There are ACTUAL ways to predict how your year is going to go!

WATCH: VP of Sales, Michael Maynes, break it down on The SellOut Show here. 

The First Step is to “Know Your Stages”

Yes. this means you are going to develop a brand new relationship with your CRM, or your pipeline, or your funnel. (Sorry – it’s the thing every average seller hates the most – but the top 1%-ers live and die by it!)

Flip Your Perception About the Stages

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A watched pot never boils!

Well, it’s the end-of-the-year and I always get a bit antsy about now. A watched pot never boils!

This is when I get seduced by the temptation to hover over the contracts I want to close before year-end. I get itchy to get those deals signed, so that I can blow into new percentages of commissions and achieve epic levels of fame and adulation at my company.

I want to pull it all in NOW.

BUT, I have to remember that the watched pot never boils!

It seems to be a fundamental law of the Universe.

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If I focus on the deals that are about to close – somehow they don’t! My buyer loses budget, their company goes through a re-org, the priorities shift! It’s crazy. But downright reliable. THAT POT WILL JUST NOT BOIL!

When I remember to keep doing the right activity. Keep reaching out to my territory. Keep traveling to see people. Keep booking appointments. When I do all of this, somehow deals close and new opportunities emerge out of nowhere.

A success story

Here’s an example of something I did last week to keep my eye off of that pesky pot – and the outcome surprised me!

I went through all of my 2013 activity. Trips, demonstrations, emails, conversations…all of it. Then, I put together a list of everyone I had touched throughout the year who is not currently in a conversation with me.

Then, I sent an email to all of them – making sure to keep it personal – (no one likes to be part of a mass email).

In the email, I thanked them for the time we had spent together earlier in the year. I included a link to a cutting edge white paper that addresses a key topic in the industry. And, I asked if they had 30 minutes for a conversation to share their vision for 2014 with me.

Know what happened? I got a bunch of emails thanking me for continuing to stay in contact, I got three phone appointments with customers who wanted to discuss the timing of our contract for next year…and I got a commitment to buy for THIS YEAR – out of nowhere!

Very exciting!

On top of that, two of my deals in that pot of mine started coming to a FULL BOIL!

Keep loving ’em ALL UP and you can’t go wrong!

The Irreverent Sales Girl



Time for the whiteboard…the end of the year CRUSH IT!

Tomorrow I bring out my favorite FOURTH QUARTER sales weapon. My way to Bring It On Home for the end of the year.

My good old tried and true magnetic whiteboard.

I will write the goal I intend to reach on the far right. I will list every deal I have closed underneath and subtract to get me to the number I desire.

Then, I will create a magnet for each and every prospective customer in conversations with me right now. I will divide my whiteboard into Monday _ Tuesday_ Wednesday_Thursday_Friday and I will move my magnets to the last day I interacted with my pipeline peeps!

Wondering how to go from 5 to 6 figures in sales? Check out this Free eBook: http://ebook.solidsixblueprint.com/solid-six-ebook/

Nothing slips through the cracks. I can visually see where I am at all times. It works like a charm.

What I can move, I can measure. What I can measure, I can manage.

What do YOU do to keep your business in front of you and moving? I would love to hear!

Love your systems UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl