Why Bother?

I look around me and I see people who are struggling and hurting.

I look around the world and I see people who are scared and struggling and hurting.

And I wonder. How do I justify this amazing life I’ve been given? And there is no answer.

So, I do my best to share what I’ve learned from the people who have come before me and  have been so generous to share.

And I share what I’ve experienced so that, God willing, it is helpful. If I can do that, I will know I did something.

Do I hope it will make me at least semi-famous? Why, yes, I do!
Do I hope it will make me wealthy beyond my dreams? True that!
Do I run after all the things that you run after? I do.

I have a few brief minutes on this planet to drink up and enjoy all life has to offer. And have some wicked fun while I’m doing it!

Why I choose “Sales” as my topic: Because anyone, anywhere, in any situation, can improve their circumstances if they are good at the fundamentals of sales. Period. Period.

I hope you find as much love and satisfaction as I do building my craft.

I hope I can be of service to you if I know something that will help you.

And I hope to get wildly rich and famous! (So, there!)

Love ‘em all up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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