Would Someone Please Just Say It Like It Is?

photodune-3721815-female-speaking--xsIs anyone else out there tired of listening to business people use big words and phrases to make their topic sound more important than it really is? Or maybe make themselves look smarter and sexier than they really are?

Do you ever find yourself wishing that they would just say it like it really is?

I do!

So, I’ve put together my very own totally Irreverent, mostly accurate, and thankfully abridged glossary for your edification (and amusement) about what commonly used business and sales terms actually mean. Not in alphabetical order because, well, you’ll see…

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CAUTION: This one is a teensy bit snarkier than my typical post. It may not be suitable for all audiences – especially those who use these terms regularly.


The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Totally Irreverent, Mostly Accurate, and Thankfully Abridged Glossary

  • Best Practices – the things other people have done to get results that you should now do, too. Especially if you want to be just like everyone else.
  • Active Listening – being a decent human being who realizes that someone else has something to say and you may have to actually give it a think before you respond.
  • Revenue Generating – it makes money.
  • Gatekeeper – the person getting in the way of you wasting someone else’s time with the pitch they don’t want to hear.
  • Suspect – someone who isn’t really worth your time until they show some sign of becoming a potential customer.
  • Sales Enablement – marketing
  • Smarketing – sales enablement
  • Take-aways – the things I was supposed to learn from this conversation that I will now go put to use
  • At The End of the Day – all that stuff we just talked about doesn’t really matter because this is how it’s going to go anyway
  • Think Outside the Box – anyone who is using this term doesn’t
  • Objections – those pesky concerns people have for not wanting to do business with you
  • Account Executive – salesperson
  • Business Development Representative – salesperson
  • Pharmaceutical Client Advocate – salesperson
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships – salesperson
  • Manufacturer’s Rep – salesperson

Now it’s your turn! Sock ‘em to me! What are the business terms people use that make you wish they would just SAY IT LIKE IT IS!

Love it UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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