I Need My Space! Give Some Room For the Deal to Close

Have you ever wondered why your deal is not closing? You know you have the perfect solution for the perfect customer, the stars all seem to be aligned and pointing in the right direction. But, no matter what you do, the sucker just won’t close?

Early on in my sales career, I had one of those deals.

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This guy was a perfect client and I couldn’t contain my excitement about it. We had an energizing meeting.

I was quick on the follow up. Then, quick on the next follow up. Then quick on the next follow up.

Finally, one day – when I got him on the phone – he said to me:

“Am I your ONLY prospect?”


Messaged delivered. He WAS interested in my services. He probably WOULD become a client. But, he wanted to do it on his own time.

This many years later, it’s pretty funny to remember. But, in the moment it was a bit jarring and very embarrassing.

Sometimes deals are like bread. You’ve got to work ‘em and knead ‘em then leave ‘em to rise and set up.

The craft comes in knowing when to go back and work ‘em and knead ‘em again.

Give your deals a bit of breathing room. Have a healthy method of getting new deals lined up.

And remember to…

Love ‘em ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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