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If you are a true professional, it is LIKELY that you have Narcissistic Tendencies.

I know I do.

I want to achieve MY goals! I truly do.

Yet..I have realized..I MUST GET OTHER PEOPLE what they want for me to get what I WANT.

I don’t care if you are religious…this story still applies.

C.S. Lewis wrote an essay about Heaven and Hell.

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In each scenario, everyone had a BANQUET laid out in front of them at the table. The trick was that everyone had splints on their arms which prevented them from getting their hands to their mouths.

In HELL, everyone sat around the table – lamenting that they could not feed themselves from the sumptuous table.

In HEAVEN, everyone fed each other.

WHO ARE YOU? Are you looking to feed yourself OR looking to feed others and trust that you will be fed? It’s an important choice.

LOVE your community UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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2 thoughts on “Where TRUE professionals win their chops!”

  1. Hot damn! I’m not particularly religious but I get the point.

    My passion for clean data comes from having seen what miscreant data does, and then the heartache of people having to scrub that data in some of the most painful manners.

    So, here … I’m handing you a PB&J sandwich with my splint arm. Now, please put some sriracha on those eggs and let me take a bite.

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