Know when you are Irrelevant…

Oftentimes, I hear people refer to me as The Irrelevant Sales Girl…and EACH TIME it cracks me up! I LOVE IT!

Because, I AM Irrelevant.

You are the ONLY thing that matters. You don’t give a ……about what I HAVE ACHIEVED! YOU care about what you have achieved and what you are GOING to achieve.

My ONLY job is to find out how I can help you get there. Period!

People keep telling me to “come out from behind the avatar” of The Irreverent Sales Girl.

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I’m not going to do it. Here’s why. The Irreverent Sales Girl inspires you. There is nothing to resist. She is a Cartoon Character for God’s Sake. Today, YOU are The Irreverent Sales Girl. Not “me”.

YOU matter. What YOU have to say is important. I want you to BE The Irreverent Sales Girl. (Or whatever you choose.) I will do it, too. We will do it TOGETHER!

Together, we become a community of WE MATTER! We have a voice!

You want to know who I am? Go to Twitter and look up @isalesgirl and ask for a phone call. I will have it with you! I WANT to know who you are and if I can help and what you are up to!  BUT, you have to PROMISE that you won’t reveal my true identity to CNBC when they call you! Pinky swear?

Let’s go out and create something magical! What do you say?

Love your OWN LIFE UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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