Sometimes I forget how much people remember!

I was plumbing through my emails last week and found a follow up email from a top salesperson at a Fortune 500 company.

It was a lovely email thanking me for a conversation we’d had in the airport! This email was over A YEAR OLD. I thought I would give it a shot anyway. Re-connect. See how he is doing. He loved it! He emailed right back and we talked on the phone today.

This year, he is THE top salesperson…about to go to his Quarterly Training Conference and receive the recognition he deserves. I asked him how he does it time after time. He said some cool things, but he also said…”I remember what you said…’Don’t chase a “no”‘ and ‘People love to buy things from people they like!'”

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Ha! Me, being quoted back to me! He remembered!

The moral for me: When I am being me and what I really believe, people remember AND IT can make a difference!

Dontcha just LOVE LIFE?

Love it UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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