I hesitate to do this, please forgive me!

For three-and-a-half years now, you have been coming to my site for inspiration and resources. And love. And permission to be you….

Tonight, I am going to step outside of what I normally do…I am going to recommend that you BUY something. Aaaarrrgggh….you think…NOT YOU! I trusted you!

Yet, I have examined this curriculum, the price…I have personally met the people… Additionally, I MAKE NO MONEY if you participate.

Wondering how to go from 5 to 6 figures in sales? Check out this Free eBook: http://ebook.solidsixblueprint.com/solid-six-ebook/

This stuff is really good.

I believe that you should put 3% of your income aside for education (Personally, I put 10% aside). This could fit into your professional development budget!

And this is some of the best stuff around.

Please check out http://bit.ly/NTMwQ2 and pick the teleseminar that is best for you. (I especially recommend Anthony Iannarinao – WHOA). You will NOT be disappointed (and if you are you can tell me).

I am also committed to the success of the most profound leaders in the sales industry…the ones who want to bring a Dash of Dignity to the Art of Selling…THIS MISSION is important to me. I’m just sayin’

Thank you for trusting me.


The Irreverent Sales Girl

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