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Where are you living a “what if” life?

Living a "what if?" lifeIn my 20’s I got engaged to a drummer.

He was all the things a drummer should be. Long hair, bar tender, you know the guy. The one the girls swoon over and your mother warns you about.

A bunch of things were a perfect mis-match, but I was head-over-heels CRAZY about this guy. You know, the movie kind of – “he’s the one” –  kind of CRAZY? (I still think he’s an awesome guy, btw). And I’m SURE he thanks his lucky stars he found his right girl, too.

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We had to go for it, though. I had to see it all the way through to the disaster it was DESTINED to become.

Why? You ask.

Because I am unwilling to live a “what if” life.

Can you imagine if – all these years later – when I’m annoyed about doing the dishes ore something perfectly normal – like my husband leaves me with an eigth-of-a-tank of gas… I start thinking. “Remember that drummer guy? I was so CRAZY about him. I BET we could have made it work! Yeah! Why didn’t I GO FOR IT?”

Now, I know the answer! And I am even MORE CRAZY about the guy I’m with now. The wonderful match!

It’s the same reason I jumped in with a partner in a company and started it from scratch. Now, THAT one worked out great!

Where are you living a “what if” life? It could be “What if I just picked up the phone and asked for that meeting?” or “What if I just took the chance on this dream job?” or “What if I moved to California?”

Fact is, you just really don’t know what you are capable of until you call your shot and take it!

If you wish you’d started it when you were 10 years younger, it is even MORE imperative that you try it today.

How about living a NEED TO KNOW life instead!

Love it ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl