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A weird realization this morning…

I woke up feeling like I was finding my way through a jungle.

I immerse myself in a web of information that pulls me and pushes me in the journey of finding “success” – the word my sixth-grade teacher posted on the wall. I didn’t know what it meant – prob’ly still don’t!

I forget that I am wildly successful. I have done it all! I have built the business, earned the career, found the love of my life..but still I am wading through these tendrils, looking for the next Nirvana. (When I get THERE, I will probably complain that I miss doing the laundry).

I see that I am chasing all the things that SOMEONE ELSE said was success. I am alone in a sea of my own expectations. I am disconnected from those who revel in my life and who are achieving their dreams. I AM MISSING THE WHOLE THING!

The tendrils of the jungle tell me what I am supposed to look like, what I am supposed to wear, the income I am supposed to have, the car I am supposed to own.

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But, they are not me! They are not my voice. And, they are not YOUR voice.

I stopped and remembered who I am today. I am fatally flawed, but I have achieved things that some people want to achieve. And, I am going to share EVERYTHING I know. For reals. The BMW’s and the Volkswagen’s. The credit cards and the fear about money. The love of new love, and the fear of growing old. I am INFECTIOUS! I am a voice that wants to be heard.

So are you. I wake up like you do. I feel like you do. You are me.


The Irreverent Sales Girl