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Dear Irreverent Sales Girl – The Big Fish in the Small Pond is Killing Me!

The Big Fish in the Small Pond is Killing MeI got this note today:

“Dear Irreverent Sales Girl,

I am selling to a BIG fish in a SMALL pond. They are asking for the  world – pushing our every limit.

I’d really like to sell this deal, but I’m getting exhausted and starting to worry about every call and every email they send. They just want MORE and MORE and MORE, but are unwilling to commit to the sale and seem ungrateful for the concessions we have made on their behalf.

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How should I continue with them?

~ Tired of fishing”

Dear Tired of Fishing,

Congratulations for reaching out and getting help! That’s an excellent step to ensuring that many great deals will come your way, possibly even this one.

BUT, beware the pitfall of three important things:

1) When chasing a big fish, we tend to obsess and forget all else (remember Moby Dick?) – keep working ALL of your activity. This is only one deal.

2) If you compromise the way you do business for this one fish – you will set the tone for your entire relationship – and it will always be this way. Remember that YOU have something that THEY want, too. Go only as far now as you’re willing to go forever.

3) Keep giving love to the deals that are closing who LOVE what you offer NOW. If you focus on the one that is difficult, you are compromising your mental attitude and confidence. Keep working your plan and have this deal be one of many. This one will cut itself loose if it’s not a good fit. Close the ones who will LOVE you forever.

Love your sales UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

P.S. I WELCOME questions like this. If you have a question about your sales or building your business, stop suffering. Email me at salesgirl@irreverentsalesgirl.com. You might even appear here and on our popular Facebook page!