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Express yourself – authentically

STOP doing this NOW!!!

A good friend of mine walked into the car dealership the other day… can smell where this is going already, right?

With her, she had (1) her car (in impeccable condition), (2) a desire for a new car, (3) pink slips, and (4) cash in hand. What salesperson doesn’t LOVE that scenario?

When she sat down with her sales guy she asked what the price was that they were willing to accept for the new car, taking into account her trade.

The deal the sales guy offered was twice what she was willing to pay (of course, she’d done her homework on both her car and the new model).

She said, “That is completely out of the ballpark for what I am willing to pay.”

He said it was the best he could do.

She said, “Thank you.” And walked to her car.

You know the next part, right?

Right! He followed her to her car and revealed that he had made a mistake about the trade-in value of her car. He didn’t realize it was the superior edition, he thought it was the base model. In fact, he could do a couple thousand better.

Well, this was just a flat-out lie. She was sitting with the salesperson when he pulled up her VIN number with all the details about her car. When she pointed that out, he claimed the VIN number doesn’t give that information (but indeed it does).

His offer still wasn’t close. And now she was FURIOUS! The story gets worse, but – sadly – it’s one we all know! We EXPECT this at a dealership. We EXPECT this from salespeople.

So, here’s the thing….STOP behaving this way. If you are in sales, I don’t care what it takes, leave your job, bring dignity and honesty and take a risk in the job you currently have, do SOMETHING NEW. If you are playing games with your customers, you MUST STOP NOW.

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If you’re not careful, sales is going to get a bad reputation! (*wink*)

Truth is. You make WAY more money on the truth. This guy could have been courteous. Even asked her what her number was. Then, told her straight if they could do that or not. Then he could say straight what he was willing to do.

Salespeople feel frustrated that buyers come in with a number that doesn’t leave them room for a profit.

I promise you two things. First, buyers do this because they have been treated badly for decades. (Also, not all buyers do this). Second, if you’re straight with people and get them what they want, you WILL make money and your customers will send EVERYONE to you. Slam dunk city!

I’m just sayin’,

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Wicked cool insight today!

Sunday afternoon — updating my Contact Management System (ugh).

I started doing follow up with people I have NOT been able to reach.

Turns out busy, motivated people are online on Sunday afternoons and my email isn’t mashed up against meetings and deadlines!

I got ONE response from someone who’d gone totally dark – she was so excited to hear from me! Turns out she’s making a proposal to her boss tomorrow about my service and was glad I reached out because she needed a bit of information for her presentation. I haven’t heard from her SINCE DECEMBER!!!! Coincidence? Hmmmm…

Then, I got a presentation scheduled with someone I’ve been trying to reach for over a month. MAGICAL!!!

Who knew? Perhaps you already DID know this. Please don’t keep these secrets to yourself anymore!!!

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Any other hot ideas for engaging “hard-to-get” people?

Love me some KISMET!!!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Be afraid…be VERY afraid….

If you were asked to do the ONE thing that you are most afraid of tomorrow.

Write it down…what is it? I’ll wait!

Good. Did you do it? If you didn’t do it, write it down now, seriously.

Now. Figure out a way to do that tomorrow.

Send me your results.

You WILL be surprised. Just, don’t let yourself off the hook.

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Love DANGER up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Kill Bill

Over the weekend, I watched Kill Bill vol 1 and vol 2:

Here’s what I noticed…..

Quentin Tarantino’s perfect amplification of his childhood love is PRESENT! He studied! I’m talking about Kung Fu (btw).

Are you willing to be an EXPERT? With that level of EXCELLENCE? Do you have ANY idea what that will take?

The second thing I noticed was …. “If you Live by the sword, you die by the sword” ….and if you don’t die by it, you have to deal with that you are a killer.

Choose your weapons and your mentors well.

The final thing I noticed is the PERFECTION OF THE CRAFT!!! Who do you follow? Are they worthy of your craft? Are you willing to be worthy of your craft?

BE worthy of the work of your life.

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Love your craft up! Be worthy of sales and make your sales worthy of your life.

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Don’t let the turkeys get you down!

You know how I hate warmed-over porridge?

Still sometimes the oldies ARE the goodies. Today I am lucky enough to have friends who remind me that SOMETIMES people won’t like the way I do things. SOMETIMES I may put some people off with my opinions and my attitudes – and even, yes even, my success!

It’s good to have friends who will remind you to NOT LET THE TURKEYS GET YOU DOWN!!! If you have people clucking along your path, you don’t need to make a Thanksgiving dinner out of them, but you don’t have to listen either.

YOU know your path. YOU know your heart. If you listen closely enough, you even know your HEART. Follow it.

Cluck ’em up!

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The Irreverent Sales Girl

P.S. If you are tempted to reply with “fowl” jokes/puns — BY ALL MEANS – What are you waiting for? 🙂

What makes her so successful?

As I’m watching the Oscars…. (yes, I am watching the “chick Super Bowl”).

I’m noticing Cameron Diaz. She really stands out…..and I’m thinking to myself….

It is no wonder that she is wildly successful. Her energy is so high, she looks like she takes great care of herself and she’s just having a BLAST!!!

Are you treating yourself like a prize possession? Are you loving your life? Is your energy high, high high?

I’m gonna go be a little bit of Cameron this week and KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF!

Love ’em up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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Eating the Elephant

When you’re going for something BIG in your life, you are in trouble.

Let’s say it straight. You see OTHERS who have done it. But, you can’t see how you’re LIKE THAT PERSON.

Then, you decide if THEY did it, it could be possible for someone else.

Then, you see…..MAYBE, just MAYBE that person could be me.

Then, you think…..HOLY COW, not me!

Then, you get jealous.

Then, you get discouraged.

And, then you DECLARE…YES! If that person can do it, then so can I!

And then (if you’re extraordinary) you do an extraordinary thing.

You start eating the elephant ONE BITE AT A TIME.

(That IS how you eat an elephant, after all).

Bite, Chew, Swallow, Repeat.

BUT, don’t kid yourself. If you want to eat the elephant (and I mean the business you never thought you could have, the income you never thought you could earn, the people you never thought you could meet)…. it’s ALSO going to TAKE remembering WHO YOU ARE.

Because, frankly, you forgot.

How I know this is true?  YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO EAT THE ELEPHANT if it wasn’t you who already are.

One bite at a time. Faith, beyond faith. Being willing to REMEMBER who you really are (the person you KNEW you were, but somehow got your heart broken).

AND FRANKLY, it’s going to take more than you thought you had. BUT, the good news is, PLAYING FULL OUT gives you MORE energy. Not less.

SO, what’s your elephant? The thing you don’t dare to dream? Where are you going to play FULL OUT to take just ONE bite today?

Don’t be boring. Surprise yourself.

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Love up the Elephant!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

If you want to learn something new…..

Learn like a kid does!

Adults mostly have to un-learn things ‘cuz they learned things when they were young. That’s why it is so easy to learn things when you’re a kid, because you’re being a kid about it.

If you want to learn something new now — find a way to jump around and play and squirm and shout at the top of your lungs while learning it.

Find a way to sing your new information.

Find a way to practice without worry about getting it right the first time (how was your first step, after all? Did you get it right the first time?)

Kids believe they CAN and then they bring play.

If you want to learn something new, leave your EGO at the door and play like a goofy kid!

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Connecting to your success

An incredible thing to deal with as someone who’s made it … or someone who’s on their way to making it, is…..

you didn’t do it on your own.

The sooner you realize this … and give appropriate acknowledgment to those who have helped you along the way…the greater you are.

Take a look now. Who has added to your success? How can you acknowledge them today? Surprise them…and surprise yourself!

I have an idea in mind for myself that might just ALTER THE PLANET…I’ll fill you in on my secret acknowledgment and its results soon….

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Love ’em up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

You must tell the truth … You WILL win!

I’ve said this before. It’s VERY EASY to get trapped into what people WANT to buy in the future.

Let’s face it….this is not to seem insensitive….we ALL want a cure for cancer. There isn’t a reliable answer for that yet. It doesn’t mean we’re not working towards it, but it doesn’t exist, now!  So, don’t promise (or even imply) things you can’t deliver!

Yes, it may be important for your customer that your copier makes color copies, faxes documents to emails and .pdf’s, and picks their children up from school.

Just because they want it, doesn’t mean that they can have it. As a GREAT salesperson, your job is to listen (REALLY listen)….get it….and then talk about what exists NOW as a best solution.

If someone else offers what they need NOW……then, direct them to it.

Your product meets other needs better… but, often, people want something that they JUST CAN’T HAVE. Be patient. Sometimes you even have to be willing to let people buy the thing that they THINK will solve the problem (did that company lie?) and you might earn them as a customer later – at the very LEAST you will earn your reputation of telling the truth.  Which you can’t beat!

Be an invaluable resource and you will get more business than you imagined! (My dad taught me that! And , well, he was WILDLY successful –more about that later).

Thanks, Dad! I love you!

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The Irreverent Sales Girl