You must tell the truth … You WILL win!

I’ve said this before. It’s VERY EASY to get trapped into what people WANT to buy in the future.

Let’s face it….this is not to seem insensitive….we ALL want a cure for cancer. There isn’t a reliable answer for that yet. It doesn’t mean we’re not working towards it, but it doesn’t exist, now!  So, don’t promise (or even imply) things you can’t deliver!

Yes, it may be important for your customer that your copier makes color copies, faxes documents to emails and .pdf’s, and picks their children up from school.

Just because they want it, doesn’t mean that they can have it. As a GREAT salesperson, your job is to listen (REALLY listen)….get it….and then talk about what exists NOW as a best solution.

If someone else offers what they need NOW……then, direct them to it.

Your product meets other needs better… but, often, people want something that they JUST CAN’T HAVE. Be patient. Sometimes you even have to be willing to let people buy the thing that they THINK will solve the problem (did that company lie?) and you might earn them as a customer later – at the very LEAST you will earn your reputation of telling the truth.  Which you can’t beat!

Be an invaluable resource and you will get more business than you imagined! (My dad taught me that! And , well, he was WILDLY successful –more about that later).

Thanks, Dad! I love you!

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