Sales Onboarding – Start Your New Sales Gig STRONG

If you’re a sales leader – you need new hires to start earning revenue quickly. And, if you’re new to a job, you want nothing more than to get those first deals fast and get to On Target Earnings.

But, the typical onboarding documents seem to do the exact opposite – as Shawn Karol Sandy says – “They’re Bass-Ackwards”!

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To get it right, find below the: DON’T DO THIS and DO THIS INSTEAD to fast-track your way to INK ON PAPER!

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Here we go – the DON’T DO THIS and DO THIS INSTEAD of new sales onboarding!

DON’T start training your new salespeople on the product, product, product.

What is the first thing sellers are going to talk about if the training is all about the product? Where it’s made? How it’s made? Where you’re headquartered? How does it work?

That’s right! They’re going to talk about features, pricing, company. Which is a terrible idea for a sales call! Watch your prospects flee in droves away from you! 

What to do instead?

DO start training about your customers and train from your customer’s perspective!

Start with these three things – then give us YOUR ideas in the comments!  

  1. Write Your Sales Playbook from Your Customer’s Perspective.

Answer the questions: Why would your customers need your product? Why would your customers switch to your product?

That’s what’s most important!

  2. Give salespeople access to customers

Encourage them to ask things like: Why do you work with our company? What was going on in your business when you started working with us? And why do you continue to buy our stuff?

If sellers can’t tell the customer story – they will never be able to crush their numbers.

  3. Teach sellers the transformational stories.

There are four components to a good story. Teach your sellers these elements and they will make the CUSTOMER the hero of the story – which makes them want to buy!

  1. Once Upon a Time: What’s happening in the customer’s world before they engage with you?
  2. Antagonist: What is the problem that arises?
  3. The Hero’s Journey: How did they solve the problem?
  4. Happy Ending: What does it look like now that the problem is solved?

  4. Shift the way you think about your training materials.

Write them as if your customers were saying “Here’s how you sell to us! Here’s what matters to us! Here’s how our buying process works. Here’s what we needed to make the change – and here’s who was involved in that buying decision. BTW, here are the competitors we considered. ”

That’s the good stuff! That’s what a new seller needs! Don’t worry, they will learn the product and the important features from having THESE conversations.

What now?

If you’re a sales leader –look at your onboarding process. What can you do to flip your script?

If you’re a new seller – what can you ask for that isn’t in the sales playbook? Ask for what you need!

And don’t forget to…

Love ‘em ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


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