Break this Sales Commandment: KNOW THY COMPETITION

breaking wallI was listening to an absolutely brilliant speaker the other day – talking about sales. Most everything he said was right on the money and I loved it. But, he said one thing that I just don’t buy!

He asserted that successful salespeople should know their competition inside-and-out.

Now, why in the world would you do that?

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Here are the three DEADLY things that happen when you know your competition inside-and-out:

You focus on the wrong product and service
Spend time learning YOUR business inside-and-out. Learn what makes YOUR ideal client tick.

It’s like the race car driver. The guy who stares at the wall runs into the wall. The one who focuses on the track – drives the track.  Keep your eye on YOUR prize!

You set yourself up to be discouraged.
The prom queen is always going to be prettier than you are, but you never REALLY know what’s going on with her behind closed doors.

Plus, unless you are going to infiltrate your competition as an employee for awhile, where are you going to get your information? From the competition? From your prospects? From the news? Are they really going to tell you the whole story?

A wise person once warned me “Never judge your insides by someone else’s outsides”. It will always look like you don’t stack up. Which will leave you down-in-the-dumps and erode your confidence.

Learn enough to confidently assert why your prospect should pick you instead of them and leave the rest alone!

You give your competition credibility.
I love it when a prospect asks me to tell them about my competition. I like to be able to honestly say “I don’t really know that much about them. What, in particular, are you interested in about them?” Now, I get to find out what they are REALLY after and we can talk about that!

Why would I want to give my precious selling time to the competition by talking about THEM?

You should know your INDUSTRY inside-and-out and where you fit into the landscape. Beyond that, you and your prospect should be focused on YOUR solution.

I want you to keep your eye on where YOU are going and the problems that YOU are going to solve.

And Love ‘em all UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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