Being Two-Headed In Sales – You Must Win Both Games

If you’re going to be truly great in sales, you are going to have to master the fine art of being two-headed about your work.

Let’s pause for a moment to let the 15-year-old boy in each of us have a good snicker – “She said two-headed, dude!”

Being Two-Headed In Sales

Back to our regular programming.

The thing about great salespeople is they have their head completely in the game.

But, they are playing two games simultaneously – each at 100%. 

Truly great salespeople are in it to win it! They are ambitious and strive to be #1 – no matter what. They are going to crack the code, find the secret sauce.

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They are going to create a financial future for themselves, their family, and their company.

They are going to beat the bar and then raise it again. Period. No matter what.

Truly great salespeople make sure that their prospects and clients are winning THEIR game. They will do whatever it takes to help their customers get exactly the right solution to whatever problem they have (or imagine they have).

They are paving a path of success for their customers’ future, their customers’ families, and their customers’ company.

They are going to make sure their client beats the bar and then raises it again. No matter what.


Where sales goes horribly wrong, is when you’ve only got one head in the game. (More snickers? Seriously, people!)

Game #1 Only?
If you are only in  it to win it for yourself, you will do things like Beat Your Prospects Into Submission or turn to Deception and Trickery. All the things people hate about salespeople.

Game #2 Only?
If you are only in it to win it for your customer, you will give away too much and will never be able to support yourself or your family. And you probably won’t be in sales for very long.


When you have a head fully in BOTH games AT THE SAME TIME, you find that you can reliably attain the Nirvana-state of “Everybody Gets What They Want” 

And THAT is when you know you are are a truly great salesperson.

I invite you to get BOTH of your heads in the game and go…

Love ’em All UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


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