They won’t tell … and you won’t sell!

I just found a great new sales tool and can’t wait to tell you about it.

But, let me first set the stage…

The Feedback You Will Never Receive

Great salespeople are greedy for feedback! We record ourselves selling, we videotape ourselves giving presentations, we role-play and invite coaching. We work to get better and better.

But, there is a silent killer and it is especially dangerous because you don’t even know to look for it!

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This killer is greedily devouring the top of your sales funnel. Effectively blocking entrants who could be your best prospects.

But You Will Never Know Because They Will Never Tell You

This beast is right now lurking in your email account.

“What is this terrifying killer?” you are compelled to ask.


You are very likely clueless as to how readers perceive your messages.  You may have insight into which prospects are opening your emails, but you have no idea why they immediately hit the delete button or sighed in disgust and passed right on by!

As a salesperson, you are defined by the messages you leave behind. Your voice messages, text messages, emails, InMails, and social posts are your go-to moves. So, they had better be good.

Ninja good.

Your prospects are smart. They are busy. They are savvy. And they ruthlessly weed out nonsense that does not help them crush their goals. If your message reeks of poor spelling or grammar they are likely to cruise right on by.

Where to Turn? 

Search the web and you will find a gazillion helpful ways to get better at writing. Make a regular practice of studying and practicing great writing techniques.

And use the tools available to you. Use them diligently.

My favorite go-to tools? (Here’s where we started!)

  1. Spell Check. An oldie, but goodie. Never forget to run it before each and every “SEND”
  2. And my new favorite….Drum roll, please!

Thanks to a conversation I just had with the CMO of KiteDesk, Eric Quanstrom, I recently  discovered It’s a free plug-in and I love it! It works on emails, LinkedIn, Office Documents, social platforms and so much more!

It checks my grammar, real-time, as I’m working. It just now found two critical errors with this article.  (I fixed them, so don’t go crazy looking!) And 9 advanced issues. Which I have chosen to leave alone! (Ooops! That makes 10!)

I would love to hear about YOUR favorite tools that you are using to get better and better!

There are a lot of reasons people will miss your messages, don’t let them be things you could have avoided!

Go and Love ’em all UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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