You deserve an answer! (Dealing with the brush-off)

I was in a meeting the other day with the EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT of a Fortune 500 company.


And his entire team. In attendance, the CMO, the COO, the CTO, the C-Suite is there (no CEO, but come on!)

We have brought in some fire power, too, from my company.

We have the right solution.

So, I write an email to “follow up” and I get the answer:

“resource planning is going to be a major issue in moving forward. I have talked to “Joe Schmo” who you met at our meeting and he will let me know when we can engage”

The ultimate brush-off, right?

The Brush Off







But, here’s the deal. I brought in a good solution with all my fire power. I was invested. I wanted something in return! So, I took my best shot.

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I responded:

“Thank you for the quick reply. By resource planning, I assume you mean:

  • human resources (as in someone accountable for 1) Paving the way to a mutual agreement and 2) the build and maintenance of the project)
  • and, perhaps financial resources.
Am I getting that right?


I realize that your time is precious, but your input would be invaluable to us – as a company who is seeking to serve our respective communities.


Were the ideas we presented relevant and did it seem as if we could help create a meaningful solution?


Would our partnership alleviate you of some of the challenges you are facing and enhance the user experience?


We are committed to understanding our marketplace, including what does and doesn’t resonate. If you would be so kind to take a moment to provide feedback, I would be very grateful.


Thank you for your help!”


The brush-off evolved immediately to the implementation team at my prospect’s company.

AND, we are IN BUSINESS! Everyone in that company responds to my emails within the business day. We are moving the project forward.
The point is.
You deserve answers to your questions if you have done the right work and you offer a viable solution.
You can ask questions – even if you are getting the brush-off. (HINT: Top executives tend to be much more responsive.  They may not answer…many don’t…but take your shot)
Above all,
Love ’em UP!
The Irreverent Sales Girl

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