Let’s Go All The Way!

Take a little ’80’s Break!Lets go all the way

Remember when you really hit your stride as a salesperson?

Maybe you only have one memory of it. Maybe you have had many.

What was it that made that time so magical?

Perhaps you would say that you were lit up by the product you were selling. Or the challenge. Or you had a great team around you. Or that people really wanted to hear about what you were selling.

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One or all of those things might be true.

I want you to consider something. Look and see if this resonates.

I bet you during that magical time, you were doing many or all of the things right that you knew to do.

  • You were responding to each and every lead ASAP as if each one mattered
  • You were getting to the office before anyone else showed up
  • You were impeccable with your calendar – always on time, delivering on time
  • You were a zero-in-box kind of person
  • You were tracking your activity
  • You looked GREAT for every meeting
  • You were sending follow-up thank you’s to your prospects, your team members, your referrals

And then, something happened (It always does)

You became #1 and you started to rely on your own chops – letting the impeccability slip. Maybe you even started making #1 the goal –staying ahead of others just enough, not rising to your greatest abilities.

Or, you lost a big sale, and you got your heart broken.

Or, you missed your quota for the first time and had an identity crisis.

Someone on your team (probably management) did something to mess with you.

Whatever it is…the magic was gone

And that nasty little human thing happened. You became a bit resigned. Perhaps you were good at keeping the resignation in the background – not showing it to anyone. But, it took its toll.

You started slacking on the basics. Trying new and fancy tips and tricks to get the magic back. Make the Hail Mary pass – when the foundation was gone.

Can you see it?

You became the “hare” even when you knew that the “tortoise” almost always wins.

You made up that the magic is gone.

You forgot that it was doing the right things, all the time, ALL THE WAY THROUGH that made it magical. Not the other way around.

I invite you to take the challenge!

(This one is for the brave of heart. It is an extraordinary individual who can face their resignation and return to the magic!)

Start to box yourself in to do ALL the things you KNOW to do and DO THEM ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

Do them for one week. Then, do them for another week. Lather, rinse, repeat!

Even though you don’t feel like AT FIRST, the magic WILL return!

Love your sales UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


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