When the “I’s” DON’T have it!

When the "I's" DON'T have it! Wanna send a powerful email? As a follow up? Or as a  first-contact? Or an initial call?

Leave the “I’s” aside! 

We often want to send messages (or phone messages) that start with “I” or “MY”


I enjoyed our time together”

I thought of something interesting after we met…”

I wanted to thank you!”

My experience shows that…”


Your emails that start with “I” or “My” are not ENGAGING to your customer who cares about…wait for it….THEM! HA!

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So, let’s design communications that deal with THEM (which is who they care about). 


YOUR insights today were compelling…let’s set aside time so I can learn more about them”

YOU have clearly thought your options through, and I want to learn more”.

YOUR time is valuable and I am grateful for the time we spent together. YOUR insights on our next steps are appreciated! What’s next?”

Look at all of your emails and phone messages. Eliminate as many sentences that you can that begin with “I”. (This includes “It” and “If”. )

“I’s” turn people OFF.

Engage THEM!

Love your peeps UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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