How low do you go?

Reading the title, youHow low do you go? might think I mean price… I do not.

I am talking about technology today. Sometimes HIGH technology thrusts you forward. Sometimes the lowest technology keeps you connected.

Here’s the thing about technology… it ONLY works if it is working for you.

We find ourselves in a world of INCREDIBLE tools.. tools that will explode us to the top of the sales world, if only we can use them well.

Some of us are ACES at breaking through with new tools (read:, or even, Nancy Nardin Dan and Nancy are  MASTERS at quickly assessing new tools and applying them.


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I’m a bit low-tech.

Yet, I am ALWAYS NUMBER ONE in sales!

All I am saying here is USE WHAT WORKS!

You would crack up if you saw my sales tools. A whiteboard of checklists and an Excel spreadsheet.

Today, in technology, I am a fan of:

The Smartphone: (I can answer emails immediately from my phone)
LinkedIn (I can do very quick research)
Google and Google Alerts (obvious)

Here’s where I win, though – EVERY TIME

I know what works for me and I do it RELENTLESSLY.

1) I am on time
2) I send hand-written Thank You notes (a rarity)
3) I track my activity

Of course, I do not ignore the new tools, I want to learn more. I just can’t be DISTRACTED by every little thing that rears it’s new head. Can you?

My question is: Are you trying to make new technology work for you OR are you making sure YOUR tools work?

There is room for all of it!

Love your sales UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl



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