Hidden Mysteries Week – The Formula for Wealth Part II

Hidden Mysteries Week - via Dan Brown and The Lost SymbolThis week, we are exploring Dan Brown’s hidden formula for wealth (as interpreted by me) in his Best Selling book The Lost Symbol (you can read yesterday’s post to get caught up).

First, we said we would explore the progression we uncovered that says: P→P→P→W

This is the most obvious of the three we will discuss

In simple language, the more productive I am, the more prosperous I am likely to become, which gives me more ability to be philanthropic (or to find ways to contribute). 

When I am productive, which leads to prosperity, I am able to give more away – then I have truly become WEALTHY.

This progression is linear and does not require much thinking. However, it is also intellectual and does not do much to create a NEW paradigm for me.

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It is obvious, but not compelling.

In fact, some COULD argue that this progression is more of an argument for W→P→P→P. If I am already wealthy, it allows me to be more productive, more prosperous, and more philanthropic. So, it really doesn’t do us much good.

The moral of The Lost Symbol story turns out to be that the Ancient Mysteries of Life are hidden in plain view…

…and available in many Universal texts, philosophies, and practices, including Alchemy, Astrology, Kabbalah, Christianity, Buddhism…among many others.

Just as the words of those works can be read at face value – with very little impact on the reader, so can our equation for wealth be read at face value. But, if we look a little deeper (which we will do over the next couple of days) a new paradigm can start to arise.

Do you see it?

I can not wait to hear your thoughts!

Love your hidden secrets UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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