Writing the Manifesto

Writing the ManifestoHello my lovelies,

I am delighted to announce, that after three years of blogging, I am FINALLY writing my Manifesto (not the perfume shown here). I have named it:

The Irreverent Sales Girls Guide To Wild Success

I am thrilled to be doing this and it is flowing like water today.

Jeanine Wicker has dibs on the FIRST copy of the book. The first nine people who post “ME” on this article will get free copies, too, when it is complete! (Be patient).

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What is this book I speak of? 

The book is, well, Irreverent. It is designed to break up all of the myths that hold me back and to STOP WASTING MY TIME. It might just do the same for you. It is short and fun and Irreverent (we said that already).

A sneak peek

Here is the Introduction:

“I hate introductions. I just want to get into it. Yet, I see the value for setting the context.

Here is the book that I wish someone had written for me.

I hope you love it.

The Irreverent Sales Girl”

Who wants in? 

Love ’em UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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