Fiercely Protect Your Personal Brand

Fiercely Protect Your Personal BrandA signature “look” – A personal brand

I was watching a special about Dolly Parton over the weekend. That woman is simply phenomenal!

The interviewer was asking Dolly about her signature “look” and her constant glamour.

Dolly replied that she would NEVER set foot outside of her home without being completely turned out. Even to take someone to the emergency room – they’d better be dying!

Dolly’s look is a big part of her personal brand and she fiercely protects it.

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What are YOU known for?

Take stock for a moment. Are you known for being on time? Are you known for great service? Are you known for the quality of your products?

Whatever it is that YOU are known for, I urge you to NEVER let that thing slip. Do whatever it takes to fiercely protect your personal brand. It will set you apart and move you to the top ~ of whatever business or career you are in!

Love your personal brand UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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