My Incredible Theme for 2013

Incredible 2013

An Incredible 2013

The amazing Rochelle Moulton ( turned me on to a SUPER-fun planning workbook and calendar for 2013. I have already gotten started and I am loving it. You can view it at:

The most powerful question yet

As I work through my plan, Leonie has asked me to pick one word that will be the theme for 2013.

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I have been chewing and chewing on this one. If there were one word that would focus me on my next steps, what would it be.

On my walk in the woods with my puppies today, I thought….”I’ve got it! The word is DISCIPLINE! THAT is what I am going to need to take my business to the next level. I will need new habits, new ways of doing things, new structures in place to suppport all the goodness!”

My next thought was:

“UGH! Discipline!”

This theme was NOT going to do the trick. It would not take me through the planning workbook, nevermind all of 2013. Still, there was something in there. Something I KNOW would make the difference.

And then it came to me like a Lightbulb coming on!

If I were bringing discipline to all my new habits and practices and ways of doing business and relationships, I would be displaying…


Honor for my loved ones.

Honor for my clients.

Honor for my puppies.

Honor for my commitments.

Honor for my financial health.

Honor for the privilege it is to be alive.

Honor for my body.

Honor for YOU!

I have discovered MY theme. What is yours?

I invite you – as you create your Incredible 2013. What will your theme be? What word will you use to focus you on what is next and most delightfully important.

Love your 2013 UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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2 thoughts on “My Incredible Theme for 2013”

  1. Love your theme. Honor is a powerful word. LOVE IT!

    My word is the F word – focus. Everything I do must be on point and in focus with my WHY!

    Now to get more around my why so I can really articulate this well so my 2013 rocks socks.

    Thanks for the nudge. Now off to Focus!

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