Feelings…whoa, whoa, whoa Feelings!

PuppyNow that I’ve got you humming THAT in your head.

2012 Goals – How do feelings play out?

I noticed something today. We are headed to the end of the year and I started reviewing the goals I had set for myself at the beginning of the year.

I set Minimum, Target, and Optimal goals for each area of my life. Health, Home, Finances, Work, you know the drill.

Minimum, Target, Optimal

Minimum…the absolute minimum that I want to achieve.
Target … the “good” goal
Optimal…the very best I could imagine in that area
(This is something I learned from Jack Canfield in “Efffortless Success”)

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Which one did I NAIL? PUPPY!

Here’s what I noticed. There is one Optimal goal in particular…that I NAILED months ago. It happens to be the one that I have THE MOST EMOTION around.

When I got my puppy two years ago, we found out (at a very young age) that he has elbow dysplasia. A situation that can be crippling. Not years from now, crippling NOW. He was limping. I made my OPTIMAL goal that he would be healed (something the vets say is impossible). We haven’t done the x-rays yet – coming in December, but my puppy is HEALED, no limping, no pain, no signs.

When I found out about his situation, I was a WILD WOMAN. I was going to prove the authorities wrong. I have done EVERYTHING there is to do to make him better. And it has WORKED.

So, WHY not the other goals?

When I look at my other goals…I see that they looked like “nice to haves”. The ones that I had EMOTION around (even fear, sadness, worry), they got DONE. The ones that are less infused with emotion, not-so-much.


I’m actually a little disturbed. Some of the goals I set for myself…I really meant them. How do I conjure up FEELINGS … true FEELINGS for them? Am I so comfortable that I can only be driven by fear and worry for someone else? Am I only about the status quo until something bad is looming?

How do YOU make yourself care? I want to know!

Love your goals UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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