Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

I know a man who is a WILDLY SUCCESSFUL investment portfolio manager.

He grew his business from nothing to spectacular!

He works with ordinary people with ordinary portfolios, but even through VERY difficult markets he continues to grow and KILL his competition.

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How does he do this? He has smart investment strategies, for sure. But, so do a lot of people.

What he does is communicate, communicate, communicate.

When the market has a bad day….he send messages to all of his clients telling them what he’s thinking about and what he’s doing.

When news hits “the street” about what “smart money” is doing, he sends messages to everyone telling them why they are part of the “smart money” crowd.

He sends letters and newsletters and insists on quarterly check-ins.

When he’s bringing money under his management from another broker, he sends messages every step of the way about what is happening.

When someone refers a friend to him, he keeps them in-the-loop about how successful the new relationship is.

One day after a MAJOR MARKET MELTDOWN, he had all of his staff in on a Saturday, calling each and every client to tell them what he was doing about it.

Now, this is NOT easy. It requires systems and it requires thinking.

2% of his clients complain that they hear from him too much.

But, no one leaves. He has the relationship. People KNOW what is happening and they know that someone is hard at work on their goals. I think they would even feel guilty talking to someone ELSE about managing their money — like they are cheating on him.

Be this way. Tell them what you are going to do, tell them what you are doing, tell them what you did. Thank them. Keep them in the loop.

This way of doing business makes you a real and full partner. And you will always win!

Love your clients UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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