Watch the jealousy RUN!!!

Didja ever notice the jealousy running? The way you pretend you’re happy for someone else, but you really wish you’d gotten what they got instead?

It’s just because you don’t know how to get it for yourself — YET!!!!

There is plenty to go around for those who are willing to be a real resource to others and create REAL value in the world.

If you find you’re jealous, let your jealousy INFORM YOU!!! You want THAT, but how badly? Badly enough to MODEL them?

Better yet, hire them!!!

The riches and love of the world ARE available to you. People who are petty and small will get petty and small results.

People who push their boundaries, scare the hell out of themselves, ask for things they “have no right to ask for”, work with people who are better than them, COMPETE against people who are better than them (gracefully) ….. those are the people who get what they’re after and more!

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Next time your little green monster pokes out his head, look at him and say, “Really? You want that? Shall we GO FOR IT, my friend????”

Love your little green monster up!

It’s yours for the taking!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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